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12 Things That Will Guarantee Your Dad Has A Happy Father’s Day

12 Things That Will Guarantee Your Dad Has A Happy Father’s Day

Why not amaze your true hero whose name is dad on this year's Father's Day with these 12 brilliant gifts ideas? He'll love them!

Dad, the silent hero who will do anything in the world to help his little child becoming a wonderful person that she needs to be. We are all grown up in his love, his patience, and his kindness. In order to celebrate the upcoming Father’s Day, here are 12 things that will guarantee your dad has a happiest Father’s Day ever.

1. A Text Message, Or Even More, A Call

How long have you been calling back home to have a really good talk with your dad? It must have been a while. Why not calling him today to say ‘Happy Father’s Day’, and remind him how much you miss, and love him.

2. A Handmade Card

Remember when you were a kid and you gave your parents a piece of drawing you did in class? Remember how happy they were? Well, they still feel the same now, as long as it is from their loving child. Your dad will probably be cheerful as soon as he receives your handmade card. Just some simple ‘Happy Father’s Day’ words can surely bring joy to his day.


3. A Short Trip

You dad used to take you out for a short trip when you were a kid, why not do the same for him when you can? Planning a short day trip, or if you are financially independent, you can provide a 3 days 2 nights trip for your dad to thank him for everything he has done.

4. A new jacket

Have you noticed your dad been using the same jacket in the winter for years? It’s time for him to have a new jacket cause he deserves it. It is also a reminder to tell him how much you care about his health.

5. A new pair of shoes

Same as the jacket, every dad uses the same pair of shoes for ages since he wants to save for his kids. But since now you are a grown-up,  you can prove to him that you not only can take care of yourself but also for him.


6. A watch

A watch is an essential piece of fashion for men, even your dad needs a new one. It is both practical and showing your love to your dad. An elegant watch and a ‘Happy Father’s Day’ note will sure cheer his day up.

7. A Photobook

What do you think when looking at your old photos from ten years ago? Interesting, isn’t it? Why not surprise your dad with little pieces capturing the most precious time of one life? A photo book with pictures of him and his little family will probably put a smile on your dad’s face.

8. Video Full Of Memories

The good old days, they said. Nothing more precious than watching your children grow up. Let’s just remind him that when watching the old videotapes of your family.


9. A Toolkit Of Everything He Needs

A toolkit for a man who can fix everything? This can be the most practical gift that you can give to your dad.

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10. Perfume

If your dad is still working, why not give him a new perfume? He can wear it not only to work but also when he goes out with his friends or family.


11. Dinner at his favorite restaurant

For so many years, your dad probably has chosen your favorite restaurant to take you to when you were a kid, now it is time for you to return his favor. Let’s go to his favorite restaurant this Father’s Day. Or if there is any place he always dreams about going to, take him there. Make him the happiest father in this year Father’s Day.

12. Or even better, you can cook for him

A meal prepared by you? Why not? Talk with your mom and learn how to make the dish he likes the most and let surprise him this year.

Why not amaze your dad, and show him how much you appreciate your true hero on this year Father’s Day! Do you have any more brilliant ideas to celebrate and say ‘Happy Father’s Day’? Tell us in the comment box below!

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