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10 Things That Will 100 Percent Happen To You At University of Aberdeen

10 Things That Will 100 Percent Happen To You At University of Aberdeen

No matter how hard you try there are some things you can never seem to escape at uni. Here are things that will happen to you at University of Aberdeen.

No matter how hard you try there are some things you can never seem to escape at Aberdeen uni. These rookie mistakes are almost like a right of passage to being a true UofA student, and if you manage to skip over the following 10 inevitable experiences you must have some secret power that you should be willing to share with everyone. So, here are things that will happen to you at University of Aberdeen:

1. Spend all your SAAS way too quickly

That wonderful feeling when you check your bank account and have more than 10£, usually doesn’t last long when most of your days and nights are spent out and about getting to know people. I know how hard it can be to manage that money especially when its paired with the feeling that it’ll never stop rolling in. It does come every month but if you spend it all in the first week, living minimally becomes your only choice, good bye fancy take out and reoccurring nights out.



2. Commit to walking everywhere

Its just seems like every form of transport except from your legs are way too expensive for your wallet. I mean there are so many better ways to spend that 3.50£ of daily bus fare, hello Meal Deal. Were not even going to mention trying to take a taxi anywhere, even if it takes half the time you’ll definitely regret not walking that hour uphill just to save 10pounds for your mates birthday later that week.


3. Convince yourself that you will make it to that 9am lecture

That moment in summer when you’re picking your classes and decide that you want to turn your life around and make it to the gym before 12 and definitely choose all your classes at 9 am. Mark my words; unless you’re super human you’ll never make it. It’s like picking a class on a Wednesday, Nox is waiting for you on Tuesday night therefore your bed is definitely going to win the next morning.




4. Try to use your student discount card EVERYWHERE

A student card is like a blessing, a genie in a bottle allowing you to save as much money as possible in as many places as possible. But sometimes we can get a little carried away trying to use that card and asking for discounts pretty much everywhere we go and making sure that everyone around us knows were poor students, and that 2£ for a sandwich is way too expensive.



5. Recognising someone but having no recollection where you know them from

The mortifying feeling of walking into a lecture and having what you think is a stranger wave and smile at you. Then comes the rush of panic when you can see them walking towards you ready to speak about the last time you saw each other, when you still haven’t been able to remember where you’ve seen them before. Was it last Thursday, it’s not like you remember much of that night anyways so if it was lets just hope you didn’t say or do anything stupid, because if you did you’re about to relive it.


 6. Forgetting that healthy food exists

Being on a budget often blurs your vision when grocery shopping. Fresh vegetables often are a no go aisle, however canned foods packed with salt and bags of crisps usually don’t hurt your wallet too much. Let’s not even mention trying to buy fish or meat that isn’t ham. Now were 3 months in and the few extra rolls have turned into a few extra kilos. But remember you’re not alone; most of us have gone through this. Healthy food isn’t actually out of your budget you just need to shop smart, Lidl is your knight in shining armour everything is affordable and you wont regret changing your life style up for something more healthy as it’ll help your mental health too.



7. Going to every possible night out and event

FOMO is very real. Especially if you’re not used to Aberdeen then you’ll inevitably feel like you need to take part in all the activities presented to you. To an extent this is the best thing you can do, as you’ll feel comfortable in the city so much quicker and you’ll meet wonderful people. However, most of us are here for 4 years, so remember that you have so much time to do all these activities and you don’t have to feel like you need to jump on every bandwagon. Your purse and grades will thank you for spreading out these opportunities over a longer time period.


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8. Doing laundry once a month

Doing laundry is a task to start with and when you get to halls not only do you have to walk super far with your bag of laundry cutting your blood flow to your arm, but it’s also way more expensive than you expected. Therefore you become the laundry master, the laundry doesn’t get done till you can get your moneys worth, or until you realise you have no more clean underwear for tomorrow. You know which washing machines are the cleanest to use, usually the ones in the corners, and which dryers actually work and wont force you to hang your dripping clothes all around your room.




9. Inevitably getting into disagreements with your roommates

You’ll spend more time with these people than you ever thought. They’re there every time you wake up and every time you go to bed therefore it’s normal for you to sometimes feel like you need to hide in your room for a couple days just so you don’t have to deal with them. Just remember that they probably feel the same way, because it’s very intense to live with someone you didn’t grow up with everyday. Someday you’ll have to take it upon yourself to grab that sponge and remove that stain that’s been infuriating you because not everyone sees the same things, and your roommates have probably already done the same for you. But remember you are like a small family and you can always talk about things because all of you want to live in the best harmony possible.



10. You will love your friends and miss them

Your friends will be there through the best and worst of times and you will definitely realise that they’re indispensable to your life and you love them like family. Once you go home over summer it’s normal to have this feeling of loneliness when you don’t have them by your side on Friday night. But always remember there’ll be a million more opportunities for you to make the best memories during the following 4 years. The friends you make in uni will hold a special place in your heart as you will have some of the most amazing memories with them, and many years down the line these are the memories that will stand out and you can all sit together to try and reminisce about everything, as friends you make at UofA will become part of your family for life.


What are some other things that will happen to you at University of Aberdeen? Comment below!
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