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10 Things That Totally Suck At University of Strathclyde

10 Things That Totally Suck At University of Strathclyde

There’s a lot to love about being a Strathy, but there are still things that you know totally suck At University of Strathclyde.

You’re proud of being a student of Strathclyde. You love how you can grab a bite to eat in the city centre and still make it in time for that next class (if you sprint), you know you go to the Best Business School of 2016 (according to Times at least), you know the Science departments there are unparalleled. There’s a lot to love about being a Strathy, but there are still things that you know totally suck at University of Strathclyde.

1. Lack of funding for societies

We were able to completely renovate the Business Building but can’t spare a penny on our societies.

2. Navigating the Royal College building

Unless you’ve been here at least a dozen times, have a photographic memory, has drafted out a complete map of the whole building or, maybe you’re just lucky, chances are you won’t be able to make it to that class in RC213 by 2pm if you left any later than dawn.


3. Music is too loud at The Barony

Pints at The Barony may be cheap, but is it worth the future medical bills that will go into trying to repair your hearing? What is the point of blasting music so loud that you can barely hear the guy beside you vomit? How many times must we hear about Ariana swinging side to side or Halsey’s rover that she can’t afford?

4. Half the lecturers can’t speak English

This one depends on what department you’re in, but chances are that you’ve wondered why your lecture doesn’t come with subtitles.

5. Too many students who can’t speak or write proper English

A controversial but very real problem. When it comes to group work, there’s always a chance you’ll have to pick up the slack or correct the grammar of an unsuspecting foreigner. It really isn’t their fault honestly. If you slow down and give them a chance to explain themselves, they may have some truly great ideas!


6. Lack of past papers and answers to them

It seems that, the more words required to answer a question, the less likely you’ll be able to find an answer to it; and when your whole class is based on answering the questions essay style, it may be near impossible to actually find an answer key.

Unless you’re best friends with all your seniors and alumni, you won’t have that many past papers to practice on when exams come. 3 would be the most common amount.

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7. The Hill

No words needed. You know the bane of having The Hill, you’ve wondered why one would build buildings around an incline so steep. You’ve considered building an escalator and making Glasgow Caledonion pay for it.

9. The Colville building

It’s hard to think that this is where they plan to relocate The Union. It’s even harder to look at. It’s just old, and ugly, and it smells odd.

10. Overpriced food at Nourish

Do you remember the last time you paid 4 pounds for what was essentially plain bread, a few bits of meat and one pickle? Or 3.59 for soggy bread, old eggs and one slice of ham? We all know how you feel. Everyone gets suckered into paying for a Nourish meal at least once.

What are some other things that totally suck at University of Strathclyde?
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