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10 Things That Totally Suck At Loughborough University

10 Things That Totally Suck At Loughborough University


It’s normally hard to find anything that really sucks here at Loughborough because it’s just an awesome uni. It literally is one of the best uni’s out there right? We all know it! But unfortunately there are a few things that totally suck at Loughborough University that grind some of us student’s gears and can ruin our day. Here are some of those things below!

1. How huge campus is.

Loughborough’s campus is beyond enormous. It definitely sucks when you have a 9am lecture but it’ll take you about half an hour just to get there. What’s worse is when you have lectures at different ends of campus with only ten minutes between them! How do they expect us to make that in time, really?


2. The weather.

The weather in Loughborough is something else. It’s so bipolar and can never make up its mind. One minute you’ll be strolling through campus and it’s lovely and sunny and the next minute it’s grey and you’re practically in a hurricane. It seems to always be windy in Loughborough as well, you can’t go five minutes without having to move your hair out of your face.


3. Limited nightlife.

Unfortunately, and unlike most other universities, we don’t have much in the way of wild nightlife. Our union is our main source for nights out because the town, let’s face it, isn’t brilliant. There’s echos and firefly which can be decent. Revs which can be far too expensive and that’s about it. If you’re looking for a sick night probably best to head over to Notts or Leicester.


4. The amount of cyclists on campus.

We all get that a lot of people feel the need to cycle to get to lectures and around campus. But do they really need to practically run us all over that choose to walk?! You don’t need to watch out for cars too much on campus just the crazy cyclists. It’s even worse if you’re driving through campus and you get stuck behind one of these people. It’s almost impossible to overtake them so you just sit there at 5mph and get a rage on.


Our campus Wi-Fi really does test the patience of most of us. It will kick our devices off randomly, sometimes it just won’t load and other times it’s just not there to connect to. It always seems to play up around deadline day or the exam period which of course is a stressful dilemma to be in which can lead to multiple breakdowns.


6. How busy Powerbase gets.

A lot of us have regular training that needs to be done in base but of course you’ll stroll in to see the place is packed. Why did you not check online first to see how many people were in there first?! It’s always a race to the machines or an awkward conversation with a randomer to see if they are finished using it. The place only seems to be quiet at weekends but that’s when most of us are competing or more likely hungover from FND or echos. And you definitely won’t change to Holywell!


7. The central campus boiler.

If you currently live or have lived in central campus halls, you’ll most definitely have experience the boiler breaking down multiple times. This means your hall is without hot water or heating. So you can’t shower and have to go round potentially smelling of last night’s alcohol and regrets to lectures, oh the shame. In the summer this can be worsened by sweat and then in the winter you’ll freeze to death in your room.



8. Everyone assumes you do Sport and Exercise Science.

Yes, I go to Loughborough Uni. Yes, I do sport but no, I do not study Sport and Exercise Science. Literally, if someone hears you go to Loughborough they will automatically ask if this is what you study. Our uni does offer other worthwhile degrees other than this it just seems no one outside of the bubble seems to know this.

9. We don’t get a reading week and we have January exams.

A lot of uni’s elsewhere in the country are lucky enough to have a reading week. Whilst this is meant to be catching up on work we all know these students just go out and get smashed. Unfortunately for us here at Loughborough we do not get this week so we are forced to fall behind on work and not go out quite as much. What’s worse is that we can’t even enjoy our Christmas holiday because of exams. Seems the lecturers hate us or something. Pretty certain Durham and Cambridge don’t have January exams…


10. The prices in the Union shop and PO.

How expensive is everything in these shops though right?! Do they not realise we are poor students in thousands of pounds’ worth of debt? We just want food that we can afford when we are hungover and dying. I don’t want to have to fork out a tenner for a meal after I spent £30 at FND on shots and VK’s.


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