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10 Things That Only Happen If You Go To Leeds Trinity

10 Things That Only Happen If You Go To Leeds Trinity

TASC is one of the most understated unis. Let's review how life at Leeds Trinity is, day after day, train after train missed due to shuttle buses.

TASC is one of the most understated unis, which is such a shame. Well, this is for us, former students of the TASC, who know the wonders of Old Ball and missing the 97 bus. For us, this place is magical, even if sometimes we wished we were somewhere else. Let’s review how life at Leeds Trinity is, day after day, train after train missed due to shuttle buses.

1. We are the only ones who know the meaning of TASC

TASC! Ha! Few people actually know why Leeds Trinity is called TASC. All the fresh students are looking up at their older peers when they hear about TASC, before they actually have the courage to ask what it is. Well, I will break the secret: TASC stands for Trinity and All Saints College, the old name of Leeds Trinity.


2. One meal at the cafeteria may equal death

Walking in the cafeteria it’s like playing the Russian roulette: you never know if there is a fatal bullet on its way. There are times when the food is excellent and times when food is actual poison. Like the end of the week for the salad bar or those sandwiches. Which reminds me of the times I’ve wandered off to search for a budget snack.\


3. You’re always asked if you’re at Met or Uni

Trinity is small and apparently, few people know about it, so I like to call it a select uni. After I was accepted at the university, everyone was asking me where is Leeds Trinity, after they’ve popped the famous question “Met or Uni?”. None, sorry folks, I am more posh than those!



4. Finding a computer can be a mission impossible

Have you ever walked in the library around the deadlines and managed to find an available computer? Not at Leeds Trinity! You will find computers with a “brb” sign on them, computers with nonfunctional internet or without a chair. The university management still doesn’t gets that more students equals a bigger need for computers.

5. You have a hate relationship with the cash machine

When you are at Leeds you are going to meet the infamous cash machine. The one which (almost) never has cash, so you have to find another place to withdraw your funds. Now, if you really want to see things from a positive perspective, your student loan is going to thrive with the cash machine.


6. You’ve learned to worship the IT guy

Do you know that thin, brunette guy, who sports long-ish hair and a mustache? If you don’t, you’re definitely not a Leeds student. That man saved lots of lives and devices, not to mention projects and grades. For example, did you knew you can install whatsapp on your computer? He knows and he can help you with it, too. He’s definitely a legend.

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7. You know those posters are advertising bullshit

When you walk down the street you often find yourself face to face with a Leeds poster with the image of one of your colleagues on it. Moreover, they seem to advertise one of the university’s features, which you know are not what they seem to be. For example, my former mate was on a poster, praising a work placement which I know went wrong!



8. You know some universities have nurseries

TASC is the proud owner of a nursery building, right in the middle of the campus. And many freshmen end up lost at its doors.

9. You fell asleep in the Auditorium

The comfy blue chairs of the Auditorium are too comfortable when you are already tired from your deadlines and you have to attend a morning class. So, you fall asleep. Someone you know definitely did it, at least once.


10. You hate Moodle

Here we go again: “Username not registered”. It’s a miracle students do manage to get their things done with it.

How many of these things have happened to you at Leeds Trinity? Share in the comments below!
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