12 Things That Make You Sleep If You Just Can’t Anymore

I used to suffer from insomnia two years ago. I couldn’t sleep all night or even if I managed to actually fall asleep, I was not resting. I always woke up tired, grumpy and for some reason angry. It was so frustrating! I did some research on how to improve my sleep and on how to treat my insomnia. Here are 12 things that make you sleep that hopefully will help you go to bed at night!


What really helped me is having a nighttime routine. When you’re doing relaxing things before bed, like doing your skincare with care or readying your bed for sleep or a bit of reading, your body starts to relax. When you do these activities repeatedly, your body will then start to realise on its own that it’s almost time for bed and you’ll feel sleepy quicker. It will take some time till you’re used to a nighttime routine, but I find that this works best for me.

No phone.

Your phone before bed can be seriously addicting. Scrolling through Instagram and Facebook before bed is really bad for your sleep. Not only you don’t sleep at the time you’re supposed to because you keep scrolling for ‘5 more minutes’ but also the light from the screen puts your brain into motion. The light from the screen energises your brain and then when you suddenly turn it off, your brain is awake, thinking, and you’re not sleepy anymore. So refrain from your phone an hour before bed.

An hour of reading before bed.

Instead opt for some reading. Reading a magazine or a book, or you can listen to a podcast in bed, it will help you relax.

Humidifier with essential oils.

I’ve also found out that essential oils help me sleep too. I have a small humidifier on my bedside table and I usually put some lavender essential oil in it to help me relax. It really works, especially when I’m reading as well!


Showering also helps my body relax. It doesn’t have to be a long one, just a quick rinse and soap sometimes. I make sure to use a body soap that smells really nice so that after the shower I can smell it on my skin. Like babies after a bath!


I personally like exercising at night to tire myself out. To some it may sound brutal going to the gym at 9pm but I really like it because I get tired after the gym. I come back home, shower and continue on with my nighttime routine to sleep well. If you don’t like exercising in the evenings or afternoons, it’s fine! You have the rest of the suggestions above!


Sometimes I’ll have some chamomile tea or some linden tea to help me relax. If I’m not feeling like tea, I’ll have some chocolate milk or even some water. But relaxing tea usually puts me into sleep pretty fast.

Soft music

I’m really into ASMR noises lately. And white noise. You can find it into Spotify too! ASMR noises are trigger noises like the cutting of paper or rubbing a cloth between your hands or whispering that makes your spine tingle just by hearing that. Simple sounds but clear. Research has shown that ASMR sounds helps your brain relax and you to sleep better.

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Dim lights.

Before I go for my shower I dim the lights. It’s really important to help my brain and body relax, and with harsh lights, I can’t. I will leave for example my desk lamp on and the rest off while I’m getting ready to chill in bed.


If you really can’t sleep, one of the tried and true things that make you sleep is to go to a health store and ask for medication. They can always advise you there on the best option for you. It’s also safe and controlled.

No caffeine or sugar.

I never have coffee after 6pm, or sugar. I try to avoid these two. Sugar rush is real! I feel so energised after having sugar or coffee in the evening! I’m not saying that I never have chocolate before bed, but generally I try to avoid it.

Massage or stretches.

If you have someone who can give you a free massage, don’t be afraid to ask!! It’s one of the things that make you sleep like a baby! Even if it’s just the shoulders. There is so much tension around your shoulder muscles, a little rub can help you so much to relax!

Let us know if these things that make you sleep help you get some rest at night! Leave us a comment in the section below!

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