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12 Things That Every Sheffield University Student Can Relate To

12 Things That Every Sheffield University Student Can Relate To

12 Things That Every Sheffield University Student Can Relate To

Spending three years all living and studying together at the same Uni in a city as iconic as Sheffield, there are just some things that every Sheffield University student will be able to identify with.

Here’s our list breaking down the 12 of things that all of Uni of Sheff students will be able to relate to.

1. The Hills

No matter where you go in Sheffield, chances are you’ll have to climb a hill to get there, and no one knows this more than Sheffield University students.


Whether its the hill to get out of the Endcliffe village or Crookesmoore’s Conduit Road, the hiking involved to attend university lectures is a sweaty ordeal that every Sheffield student can empathise with.

2. The North/South Divide

The English north/south divide exists and every Sheffield student will agree its no more evident than at Sheffield University.

Everyone knows a northerner who never wears anything more than a t-shirt even in the winter months and uses their accent to assert dominance, whilst everyone also knows a southerner who will sport designer clothes and arm themselves with anecdotes about their gap years, it’s a very real phenomenon.


3. Finding a Library Seat

Despite having a number of libraries, most Sheffield students will be able to sympathise that it’s near impossible finding a decent library seat at the uni, especially around the busy exam period, leading to petty races in the early hours of the morning for scoring a decent study spot.

4. The Roar Hangover

Sheffield University’s iconic midweek night out, everyone at some point can relate to having one too many VK’s, or if you don’t drink, staying out just for that one song too many, and then waking up the next day with the classic roar hangover or a sleep-deprived brain still in turbulence from belting out the lyrics to Mr. Brightside with lectures and seminars still to attend…

5. The Engineer Divide

Engineering students might be subject to stick at any university, but every Sheffield student will admit that there is an engineer divide at Sheffield University.


The diamond building is home to engineers but is also a library for other students to use, leading to friction over occupation and altogether singling out engineers as a distinctly different type of student extra susceptible and prone to ridicule from other departments that everyone knows.

6. Shopping at Sainsbury’s

The area surrounding Sheffield University is strangely populated with a lot of Sainsbury’s locals than and so every Sheffield student can relate to having to shop there and having to settle for a Sainsbury’s meal deal even though you would have much preferred one from Tesco’s

7. Spontaneous Peak Trips

Sheffield University is on the doorstep of the peak district and so whatever your interests as a Sheffield student, everyone can relate to people either going on about the peaks or having your flatmates take you on a spontaneous trip to there mid-term as a distraction from uni work.


8. The Lack of Maccies’

It’s a tragedy that most Sheffield University students can relate to the fact that there is a distinct lack of McDonald’s restaurants considering the size of the city and the amount of student demand.

The only viable Maccies are on the East side of Sheffield far from where the University is located, making it a rarity for only after certain nights out like ones at The Leadmill.

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9. The Five Pound Round

The iconic five pound round is held close to the hearts of all Sheffield University students for being the ultimate way for livening yourself up on a night out on West Street without having to choose between different drinks or breaking the bank.

10. The Post-night-out Aslan’s

Whether it was Corporation, Leadmill, or West Street, all Sheffield University students can relate to congregating in the infamous Aslan’s to get their hands on a kebab after a night out.

A Kebab shop practically made for students, you have more than likely gazed up at the wall covered in photos of students past hoping to achieve the same eternal glory one day before leaving bleary-eyed with a belly full of greasy goodness.


11. Spoons Outings

Wetherspoons are the elite when it comes to English pubs and an absolute dream for students. Luckily, Sheffield has them in abundance.

Two directly opposite each other in the town centre and one within walking distance of the university, spoons outings are a frequent occurrence and a near ritual that every Sheffield student can relate to.

12. The First Year Fire Alarms

Regardless of what halls of residence you stayed in your first year, every Sheffield student will remember the agony of being woken up once a week in the morning by a fire alarm drill.


No doubt they have disturbed many a peaceful slumber or made worse a ringing headache to all Sheffield freshers alike.

Which of these things can you relate to most as a Sheffield University student? Let us know below!

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