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Things That Every 90’s Girl Was Obsessed With Like Crazy

Things That Every 90’s Girl Was Obsessed With Like Crazy

Things That Every 90's Girl Was Obsessed With Like Crazy

There are so many things that most 90’s girls were obsessed with, but we’d be here all day long if we were to mention them all. With that in mind, here a few fashion and style items that most 90’s girl were obsessed with like crazy and couldn’t leave their house without. Prepare for the feelings of nostalgia and memory lane!


Whether you liked them short or long, denim or velvet, there’s no denying it – dungarees were synonymous with 90’s Fashion, and we’re not sorry about it. Way back in the day, this utilitarian onesie was perfect for stashing rocks, hair scrunchies, Bic biro pens and whatever else you fancied. Fast forward to the present, we’re filling our pockets with our iPhone, bank card and car keys – how things have changed…


Jelly shoes with socks. 

In the ’90s, the Jelly shoes epitomized youth, femininity and being one cool chick if you owned a pair. If you were a teenage girl growing up in the ’90s these were the only pairs of shoes you wanted and needed. But, if you didn’t have them, well – you felt like your entire world just didn’t matter anymore – sad times.

They came in block colours: white, black, blue, purple etc, but the style trend really took off when they starting selling jelly shoes with sparkles. If you were a true fashionista back then, you definitely knew that the socks and jelly shoe combination were a really cool look too. We will love you forever Jelly Shoes, even if you are no longer fashionable…


Plastic Choker necklaces, bracelets and rings.

Claire’s accessories were the best place to buy plastic choker necklaces, bracelets and rings from. You could buy a single black plastic choker, a selection of 3 (in varying colours) or if you fancied something really daring, a choker that had accessories hanging from it. The choker was the hallmark of the ’90s with celebrities like Gwen Stefani, Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera wearing the necklace in their brightly coloured Pop music videos. This fashion accessory has gone full circle and is now back on trend. It’s a bit like marmite though; you either love it or hate it – we say love it.

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Stick on Tattoos. 

At the time, stick on tattoo’s that were applied simply with a wet cloth seemed like the best idea – ever. And there were so many variations of the tattoos you could have too; black tattoos, coloured tattoos, tattoos of initials, tattoos of a pretty little flower – the list goes on…And do you remember that sinking feeling in your tummy when your favourite stick on tattoo began to peel off? Ugh, the pain…

Mood Rings.


A mood ring was a really super cool accessory to have in the ’90s, and there was a novelty aspect to this piece of jewellery too. The belief was that the ring changed colour according to your mood, and each colour represented a specific mood. Black meant stressed, Red meant fear, Blue meant calm, Green meant romance and Pink meant cool. All we can say is Pink all the way – mood rings are pretty darn cool.

What are some of the things you remember from the ’90s that make you feel super nostalgic, and that in fact, you really miss?  What fashion statements did you make during the 90’s that you miss? Let us know and comment!

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