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10 Things People Born In The 2000’s Won’t Understand

10 Things People Born In The 2000’s Won’t Understand

10 Things People Born In The 2000's Won't Understand

If you were born in the 2000’s it may not necessarily have been a bad thing. You grew up witnessing the hilariously iconic fashion looks from style superstar Ashley Tisdale, you were torn between Team Edward and Team Jacob and you had far more advanced technology than a 90s kid like myself. Fair enough I was born in 1997, but I still class myself as a 90s kid. I wasn’t exactly brought up with having access to the latest things in the 2000’s so when people were playing on their Xbox’s I was content with my Sony Mega Drive. So for 90s kids like myself we actually had it pretty good, despite no online streaming or Kardashian culture we were a generation that was innovative, outspoken and glorious in all of its prime. With that being said here are ten things that people born in the 2000’s won’t understand! 

1.) Limewire Was Bae. 

Trust me when I say Limewire was bae. By using the software you were technically breaking the law, and by trying to find a specific song or album you might accidentally download porn. It was as reckless and wild as unprotected sex. But we didn’t care! So forth I carried on with my search and download of Cher’s Greatest Hits. 

2.) Long Live Bebo  

Long before you could edit your personality on Facebook and filter your life on Instagram there was the Bebo. Bebo was our first taste of social media, it was the starter and Facebook was the main meal. On it you could share the luv (you could only send three luvs a day so we had to choose wisely) and was a site where you could literally rank your top 16 friends…. it was where captioning your photos with emotionally driven song lyrics was THE thing to do. “Why do you have to go and make things so complicated? I see the way you’re acting like you’re somebody else gets me frustrated!”


3.) Sharing A Family Computer 

Kids born in the 2000’s will never know the struggle of sharing a computer with an entire household! I can remember sneaking into my sisters bedroom to log onto the computer to play the latest Rugratz game I copped from HMV. Now everybody has a laptop, tablet, computer and phone to connect to the internet; making it a lot easier to sneakily watch porn without getting caught causing a traumatic experience that will still stay with you to this day…  

4.) RIP Blockbuster

Back in the day if you wanted someone to come over and Netflix and chill you would have had to have gone to extreme lengths; heading out to your latest Blockbuster armed with your Blockbuster card. Every time I set foot in a Blockbuster store I was in heaven. Racks and racks of neatly aligned DVDs were on display and my favourite part was the confectionary section. Armed with my Alvin and The Chipmunks DVD and a bag of chocolates I was good to go! 

5.) L’oreal Kids Shampoo

This shampoo smelt like strawberries and cream, it was heaven in a bottle. However, it’s the shampoo that every kid thought lied to them because it says, “no tears!.” I remember vividly myself, a mere curious six year old, purposely putting the shampoo in my eyes to see if the bold statement was true…. it wasn’t. Turns out it actually means no tears left in your hair. Yup, tears. #mindblown 


6.) CD wallets

Nowadays we can flick through our Spotify or Apple Music to instantly play our fave tracks. However back in the good old days, it wasn’t Spotify or even your phone that enabled you to look through your music. It was a collection of CDS that were scattered throughout a CD wallet, most likely located somewhere in a messy dashboard. 2000’s kids will never understand the chore of siting through what seemed to be a never-ending collection of CDS. 

7.) Ask Jeeves

Way before Siri and Alexa started to slowly creep into the family household, essentially becoming your new sister, if you ever wanted to find out something back in the day, your best shot was to Ask Jeeves.

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8.) You Could Actually Live Your Life Without The Internet

There was once a time where you and your friends couldn’t just google the latest pop star to find out everything about them in a matter of seconds. There was no filters or snapchat or instagram. I know, absolute madness?! If you ever wanted to travel somewhere you didn’t have the reliable Sat Nav or easy Google Maps app, instead it was whipping out the bad boy that is an ACTUAL map. 

9.) iPods Were The Best Present You Could Get

I can remember to this day when I got my first ever iPod. It was a gorgeous shimmery blue iPod nano, that was both sleek and sophisticated. It was everything I had wanted and more; I could finally have my collection of ABBA songs all on a polished little device! It didn’t have WiFi access or apps and certainly didn’t have a touch screen but I didn’t care. Nowadays anything less than a average performance and 2000’s kids are not even close to being impressed.



10.) M.A.S.H

Nowadays kids have their Pokemon Go or their Nintendo Switches to stay amused. However we had the good old game of MASH which basically predicted your future. Were you going to marry Justin Timberlake and live in a shed?! Or marry your best friend and have five kids!? 

Are there any more things people born in the 2000s won’t understand? Let us know in the comments!

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