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10 Things Only Waitresses Understand

10 Things Only Waitresses Understand

Waitresses have a very unique experience of working, as they are in one of the most in-demand but underappreciated industries. Here are 10 things only waitresses understand.

Waitressing is a popular job, and it is very different from many other careers. Waitresses are important in customer service. You have to be on your feet all day, keeping a constant smile on your face despite your mood or whatever happens. You’ll deal with great customers and horrible customers, and this creates a sort of camaraderie amongst waitresses and other staff in a workplace. Here are just 10 things that only Waitresses understand.

1. Aching Feet

Waitresses know that long shifts mean being on your feet all day. You’ll either be standing around or running around doing food runs and taking orders. Either way you’ll be thankful to get home to soft socks, a warm bath, and bed at the end of the night.

2. Difficult Customers

You’ll always get difficult customers with strange questions and awkward requests while waitressing. Whether they’re asking how something is made, whether they can edit a dish, and constant back and forth between guests and the kitchen as you try to figure out what you’re doing. You’ll be thankful to leave work once your shift is over.


3. Silly Complaints

People will complain about any number of things, and while some will be fair complaints, some will be ridiculous and you have to hold yourself back from rolling your eyes. Waitresses know that despite everything they have to maintain their pleasant outer appearance. Some people won’t be happy waiting two minutes for their coffee, while some won’t appreciate how busy the restaurant is when it comes to ordering and food times. As a waitress you have to take all this with a pinch of salt and remember that it isn’t personal.

4. Constant Smiling

Waitresses know that after a long shift your face hurts from smiling all day. You’ll get home with a grumpy face because you’re no longer able to smile, as the muscles in your face have likely given up.

5. The Customer Is Always Right

The customer is always right. The bane of a Waitresses existence. Even when the customer is so very wrong, you can’t treat them like that, and have to make out that any mistakes are on your part rather than there’s. This can make for a tedious job, but its better than arguing with someone who won’t accept there own faults.


6. Burning Yourself

Waitresses will injure themselves dozens of time without complaint. Whether its hot plates, spilled coffee, or hot appliances, like the coffee machines. You probably won’t have time to do anything about it, just stick a plaster on it and move on.

7. Smelling Like Food

Waitresses know that more often than not you’ll leave work smelling like work. Whether its smelling like coffee from barista work, or smelling like the food you’ve been serving all day. You either shower every night after work, or just give up and accept that this is your life now.

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8. Changed Perspective

Never again can you enter a restaurant or cafe as a passive guest. You’ll forever be plagued with your own work memories, and try your hardest to be the easiest and nicest guests. You’ll tip much better than you did before, won’t make complaints, and you’ll leave nice comments and thank your Waitresses. On the flip side, you’ll also have an idea of how things work on the inside, which will either make you appreciate the work or put you off eating at certain places, depending on your own personal experiences.

9. Early Starts And Late Nights

Early starts and late nights are the experience of Waitresses all over the globe. You’ll arrive early in the morning to set up, and sometimes late shifts won’t end until the early hours of the next day. Clearing tables, cleaning, and setting up all over again. The monotony of waitressing is constant, but at least every day is different.

10. Lack Of Appreciation

Despite it being such a widespread job, it can be one of the most underappreciated. From people not leaving tips, not saying thank you, to not even looking at you as you order, it can be a frustrating job. People will leave a mess and not clean it up, or spill their drink and demand that you clean it up and get another without so much as an apology. But there always the nice customers who can make your day.

Are any of you waitresses? What are your experiences? Let us know in the comments below.
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