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15 Things Only People Who Grew Up In Plymouth Understand

15 Things Only People Who Grew Up In Plymouth Understand

If you grew up in Plymouth then there are going to be things that only people like you will understand about your hometown!

Growing up in Plymouth would have given you a childhood like no other. With so much to see and explore, hopefully it is likely that you have many happy memories of what it was like to grow up in Plymouth, Britain’s ocean city. To find out fifteen things people who grew up in Plymouth understand, be sure to keep on reading!

Watching the divers on the Hoe:

Plymouth is fortunately based right on the waterfront. Because of this, it wasn’t uncommon to see people jumping off rocks into the water or potentially climbing the old diving boards positioned on the Plymouth Hoe. You were most probably warned by your mum not to dare try it!

The open air pool:

A big attraction of Plymouth is the Tinside Lido. If you grew up here, you most probably at some point went to Tinside with your friends or family. You will know that even on a boiling hot day, the best way to get in the water is jumping in, else you may not brave It at all!


The cold weather:

If you grew up in Plymouth, you will know all about the wet, windy weather we experience in  this coastal city. Because of this, you will always be prepared with a coat or an umbrella to face your day with whatever the elements throw at you!

The firework celebration:

The annual firework display is impressive to say the least. But growing up here, you most likely used this as an excuse to meet friends and spend all your pocket money on rides!

The traffic:

If you grew up in Plymouth, you will know of the congested traffic we have at peak times. Tavistock road is a no go at this time!


Football Support:


If you grew up in Plymouth, you will know Plymouth Argyle is well loved. Your day out here was not fulfilled until you had a green scarf around your neck and a pasty in your hand.

Shopping centre memories:

If you grew up in Plymouth you will most probably remember going into Woolworth’s on a weekend and getting a pick n mix or looking at all the latest toys, it was every child’s haven!


Being aware of the local wildlife:

If you grew up in Plymouth you would be well aware of the vast amounts of seagulls and pigeons that are on the hunt for your food. Because of this, you know very well how to protect your chips.

The Pavillions:

Growing up in Plymouth, the Pavillions was a great central hub. You even enjoyed swimming here with the slides, a skating session or maybe even a concert to see Little Mix or One Direction, happy days!

Drake Circus mall:

If you grew up in Plymouth in the mid 2000’s you most probably met your friends in the Mall and spent a few hours in Primark, Topshop and River Island spending your pocket money. You may even remember a time where the shops  were mainly located along the main street near the local market and How things have changed!

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The markets:

Plymouth often holds food events and nearly every year holds the Christmas stalls. If you grew up here you must probably remember trying samples and fussing your parents for something you won’t ever use.

The fairgrounds:

If you grew up here, you most probably remember the central park fair. You and your friends probably met here to hang out or spend all your money within half an hour and then go off and hang out at the skate park.


Central Park fun:

Growing up in Plymouth, there are fortunately lots of outdoor space, you probably spent time running through the fountains and playing in the park.

Exploring the Moors:

There was no better fun then climbing rocks, seeing wild ponies and feeling as if you are in the middle of nowhere as a child, running freely in the vast open space of the moors.

Fun on the Hoe:

As a young child, you may remember being spoilt for choice as you chose between the bouncy castle, the train ride and the park with the pirate ship. There was so much to do and often so little time.

What can you remember about growing up in Plymouth? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!
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