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20 Things Only Girls Understand… Sorry Boys

20 Things Only Girls Understand… Sorry Boys

This is an open letter to all of the young women out there. I have a few words of wisdom for you to follow throughout your life.

Here are a couple things only girls understand! Keep reading for more!

Losing hair ties

Does anybody else go through 100 hair ties a month? I literally can’t find any hair ties even though I’ve just bought a bunch. They must have secret lives or something because mine go walk about.

Finding jeans that fit

We all know how hard it is to find jeans that fit both your thighs and waist.


Rubbing your eyes with makeup on

It is a real struggle only girls understand when you need to itch your eye and you can’t because you have mascara and eyeliner on. We don’t want black smudges down our faces.


Do I even need to explain this one. Boys will never understand what it is like to have a grumpy week, where your stomach hurts and you want to cry at everything, EVERY MONTH! For sure things only girls understand.

When all your friends are in relationships

Do boys feel this too? Because I don’t think they do. It is so hard as a girl watching all your friends have boyfriends and you are sat alone. Maybe it is a jealousy thing or maybe we are just all psychos.



It takes 100 selfies to find one good one

We all feel the pain of trying to find a good selfie to show off out fleeky makeup and outfits. But only girls will understand how many selfies we take to find a good one.

When you feel fat

I think all girls have had an ‘I am fat’ tantrum. Boys will never understand how much we battle with self-confidence and how when we say we are fat it is how we feel not how we look.


When nothing fits

If you aren’t in a good mood when shopping then you are pessimistic and nothing fits properly. I am pretty sure every girl feels this when shopping.

Wearing no makeup makes you feel like a naked mole rat

Anybody else feel gross and naked without their makeup on


We have all had a Marilyn Monroe moment where the wind has blown up our dress or skirt


Rain makes our hair frizzy

As soon as the rain falls we all become drowned frizzy rats

Hair sticking to lip gloss

If you are a lip gloss wearer then you know the pain of when the wind blows your hair and you hair sticks to your lip gloss

Keeping track of your spending

It is a fact girls can’t keep track of how much they spend online. There are just too many amazing online shopping offers we can’t say no too.

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When someone wears the same dress as you on a night out

We find it so cute when one of our friends wears the same or similar outfit as us, it’s like OMG twins. But if we find a stranger wearing the same outfit they better hope they kept their receipt because that bitch is gonna get burned.

Velvet teddy

I think we can accept that all girls love a bit of MAC velvet teddy. If you don’t know what it is then leave. Definitely things only girls understand.


Diets start every week

Girls are obsessed with eating cleaner and getting thinner so we like to say that ‘diet starts Monday’. Maybe one day we will mean it.


It is such a pain to shave weekly, sometimes daily. Boys have no idea how much effort we go through to shave and look pretty.

Trying to find your keys

I’m not sure why but girls are renowned for losing their keys. Am I right gals or am I right?



Boys will never understand the competition girls constantly have with each other. It is a never ending war zone.

Selfie lighting

The struggle is real to find good lighting for selfies. By the window? Nope. In the bathroom? Nope. Even selfie lights don’t always give you the perfect glow. Another things only girls understand.

So what other things only girls understand do you relate to? Let us know in the comments below!

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