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10 Things Not To Do On A First Date

10 Things Not To Do On A First Date

10 Things Not To Do On A First Date

First dates can be tricky. Will you like them, will they like you, will you have a connection, will you be attracted to them? The questions and puzzles we go through in our minds before a first date can be daunting. You want to give the best impression of yourself on first dates and make sure you have a good time. Follow our guide on 10 things NOT to do on a first date to make sure you’re doing everything right.

1. Don’t Let Nerves Take Over

It’s completely normal to get nervous for a first date, and if you don’t, you’re very lucky. Chances are if you like the person, you’re already going to be nervous for the first date, so try not to let these nerves overcome you when you’re actually on the date, or you won’t have a good time. It’s easy to worry, but really what are you worrying about? If you try and relax, keep cool and just be yourself chances are you’ll come across great and have a great time!

2. Don’t Talk About Your Ex’s

One of the most common mistakes to make on first dates is talking about your exes. In short, talking about your ex on a date with someone new is awkward and unnecessary. Sure, at some point your date might want to hear about your relationship history, but not on the first date when they’re trying to have a good time. You also don’t want to give the impression you’re still into your ex by going on about them on the first date, and if you are, then you probably shouldn’t be dating…


3. Don’t Get Too Personal Too Soon

Delving deep into your personal life or personal issues on first dates can be a bit much. As the first date should be fun and about getting to know each other on a casual level. If you feel comfortable around them great, but don’t give away too much too soon to someone you’ve just met.

4. Don’t Get Too Attached Too Soon

If you like them after the first date, then that’s great! However, you don’t want to get attached too soon, just in case they’re not into you. Try and wait a couple of days after the date to text them, unless they say otherwise. You want to seem interested, just not overly keen, because this can be off-putting and will just be awkward for you if the feeling isn’t mutual.

5. Don’t Be Cheap With The Bill

There’s typically a lot of speculation on first dates about who should pay the bill, but whoever you’re dating, don’t expect them to foot the bill. It’s rude and presumptuous. If they offer to pay then great, but don’t expect it, get your wallet out and prepare to pay for your own meal!


6. Watch What You Eat

If you’re eating out for your first date, you might want to consider watching what you eat. Pasta, for example, can be messy and you don’t want to end up spilling it down your new dress/suit you bought specifically for the date!

7. To Kiss or Not to Kiss

This is a tricky one, some people would say kiss on a first date, some would say it’s bad luck. It’s really up to you and if you’re feeling it great, go for it! However, you don’t want to seem to forward and if it is someone you just met, you might want to reconsider a kiss for the first date.

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8. Forget Your Manners

Always be polite, you want to give the best first impression of yourself possible for your first date, so think please and thank you, holding doors open and eat with your mouth shut. This doesn’t just speak for your date, wherever you go, be friendly and polite and make sure your date gets a good first impression!

9. Get Too Drunk

Getting too drunk on a first date is an easy mistake to make, especially if you’re having a great time. However, just be careful you don’t overdo it. The last thing you want is to get so drunk you don’t remember the date, or this stranger has to become responsible for looking after you! Again, it creates a bad first impression and if you know what’s going on during your date, you’re sure to have a much better time!

10. Focus Too Much On What Not To Do, Just Have a Good Time!

Now we’ve covered all the things not to do on a first date, don’t focus too much on what not to do, and make sure you’re having a great time! First dates should be fun and flirty and is a great chance to get to know a person who might just turn into a special someone. So, relax, make sure you feel and look good, and most importantly enjoy yourself!


These tips are great advice for first dates, however, everyone has different opinions when it comes to dating about what’s right and wrong. Wherever you end up on your first date or whoever you’re dating, just remember to be safe, have fun and always be yourself!

Got any first date tips of your own? Let us know in the comments!

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