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18 Things No One Tells You About Living In Hartlepool

18 Things No One Tells You About Living In Hartlepool

When living in Hartlepool, it's important to understand what the day to day life is like. Here's some things no one tells you about living there!

Despite receiving bad publicity in the past, Hartlepool has a lot to offer its residents and visitors alike. Although not very well-known outside of the North East, Hartlepool is becoming increasingly popular with tourists due to its maritime history and is located within easy reach of cities like Durham and Newcastle. The town is situated on the coast and is also not far from the countryside, with woodland walks nearby for those who like to get out and about. With lower-than-average living costs, in a survey carried out by USwitch in 2015, Hartlepool moved up the rankings to number 41 out of 138 Best Places to Live in the UK! As someone who is relatively new to the area, here are 18 things no one tells you about living in Hartlepool:

1. Hartlepool has its very own seaside resort

Less well-known than others in the area, the small seaside resort of Seaton Carew in Hartlepool has miles of golden sand, ice cream galore, amusement arcades and some of the best fish and chips in the North East! The promenade now allows visitors to walk from Seaton Carew to Hartlepool Marina while enjoying views across the North Sea all the way to Redcar!

2. The sea insulates in winter and cools in summer

A little-known fact about Hartlepool, is that its coastal location beside the North Sea, helps to regulate the temperature of the town. The sea helps to insulate in winter and offers a welcome breeze in the summer months. As such, Hartlepool’s average temperature is relatively moderate and we therefore don’t experience weather as extreme as some inland.


3. There are lots of places to eat out

Something no one tells you about living in Hartlepool is that there are lots of places to go out for food! If you’re a food lover, the town has everything from Italian to tapas, to Indian and Thai, to traditional fish and chips and a variety of pub food, so there is something for everyone to enjoy! Why not visit us and try some of our diverse cuisines?

4. The town’s housing is very affordable

While the town has had some bad press for its higher-than-average unemployment rates, what no one tells you about living in Hartlepool, is that the cost of living here is low in comparison to the majority of the country. According to USwitch’s survey, in 2015 the average house in the town cost around £125k and you could own your own terraced home for less than £80k!

5. People will start calling you a “Monkey Hanger”

Something no one tells you about living in Hartlepool is that you’ll become known as a “Monkey Hanger.” According to legend, the name comes from the Napoleonic Wars when fishermen from Hartlepool allegedly executed a monkey in a military uniform, after mistaking it for a Frenchman. The nickname is now used for Hartlepool’s football team and locals!


6. You’ll be unsure which county to list on your address

Something no one tells you about living in Hartlepool is that you’ll be unsure which county to list on your address. Hartlepool was part of Cleveland until the county was abolished in 1996 and the four boroughs within it became unitary authorities. Hartlepool returned to County Durham for ceremonial purposes, but is also bordered by both Stockton-on-Tees and Redcar and Cleveland, is a member of the Tees Valley combined authority and shares the police and fire services with the former Cleveland boroughs! So you just can’t be sure which to put down!

 7. There are lots of charity shops if you love a bargain!

While some people think charity shops are taking over British high streets, for bargain hunters like me, Hartlepool has a great selection of second-hand shops! With seven in the shopping centre alone, if you like cheap clothing, are looking to furnish your house on a budget or just enjoy a good old rummage, you should be able to find yourself a good deal in town!

8. Hartlepool was once two towns

Something that not many people know about living in Hartlepool, is that it was originally two towns. The ancient Old Hartlepool, known locally as the Headland, was the original fishing village, which joined the more recent West Hartlepool in 1967 to form the town of Hartlepool as we know it today. The borough of Hartlepool now includes several smaller villages too!


9. You can see any film at the cinema for a fiver!

When you first to move to Hartlepool, one thing that no one remembers to tell you about living here is that you can watch any film, any time of the week at Vue Cinema for only a fiver! So, if you’re looking for somewhere cheap and fun to go on date night, don’t waste your time travelling out of town to see the latest screenings, just head down town!

10. Hartlepool has every grocery shop you’ll ever need!

While some people complain that Hartlepool’s town centre lacks quality shops, the town certainly has all the grocery stores you’ll ever need! Whether you like Tesco, Asda or Morrisons, there are all three of these large supermarkets in Hartlepool. There’s also several Aldi’s, Iceland’s and Heron Foods, so there are food shops here for every budget!

11. The best place to relax is at the multi-million-pound marina

Something no one tells you about living in Hartlepool is that the town is home to a stunning, modern, multi-million-pound marina!  With a number of waterside restaurants, bistros and bars, as well as water activities and lots of different yachts to look at. If you’re living in the town, the marina is one of the most relaxing places to enjoy a meal out or an evening stroll at sunset!


12. Hartlepool has great transport links

Despite being slightly off the beaten track, Hartlepool actually has some great transport links! One thing I noticed when I moved to the town, was how few people rely on cars and instead use public transport. You can travel around the town and to other parts of Teesside on the bus or travel more widely on the train -there is even a direct line to London! Hartlepool also has a busy seaport, which remains at the heart of the local economy!

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13. The town has some loyal football fans!

Something no one tells you about living in Hartlepool is how big football is in the town and how loyal the local fans are. Despite the team being relegated and facing financial issues, Pools’ fans stood by them and worked tirelessly to raise funds in order to save the club from extinction. Thanks to their efforts, the club was bought and saved by a local businessman!


14. You can get a degree without leaving town

Something no one tells you about living in Hartlepool, is that you can get a University degree without leaving town. While many students travel to the local University in Middlesbrough, both Hartlepool F.E. College and Cleveland College of Art and Design, offer degree courses in the town, so there may be no need to travel and you could get your course for a lower price!

15. Hartlepool is home to a green-flag awarded park

A little-known fact about Hartlepool, is that despite being an urban area, it is also home to a green-flag awarded park! Ward Jackson Park is listed in the National Register of Historic Parks & Gardens due to its collection of Victorian and Edwardian features. Its facilities include bowls, putting green, band concerts, water fountain, flower gardens and lake, so if want somewhere to relax and escape the rat race, look no further!

16. It feels like a much smaller town than it actually is

Something no one tells you about living in Hartlepool, is that although the town has over 92,000 residents, it feels much smaller than it actually is. The town centre has a community feel and everything is within easy reach using public transport. You’re also likely to bump into someone you know every time you visit the grocery store or shopping centre!


17. Hartlepool is home to the oldest British warship still afloat

When you drive through Hartlepool or walk down towards the marina, you can’t miss the tall masts of the historic HMS Trincomalee. Located within The National Museum of the Royal Navy, this heritage tourist attraction is the oldest British warship still afloat anywhere in Europe! If you live in Hartlepool you definitely need to pay it a visit and locals get reduced rates too!

18. Hartlepool is much better than people make out

The final thing that no one tells you about living in Hartlepool, is that it really isn’t as bad as people make it out to be! Despite getting bad press in the past, the town has a lot to offer its visitors and residents, including good transport links, a charming marina and very own seaside resort, some great restaurants and a much lower cost of living than most places in the UK!

These are 18 things that no one tells you about living in Hartlepool. Can you think of any others? Leave them in the comments…
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