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8 Things Money Can’t Buy

8 Things Money Can’t Buy

Knowing how to save money at university can be so important for the broke student. Here are some of the best tips to save some cash.

There are many things money can buy, but there’s even more things that money can’t buy. We all have materialistic things, and don’t get me wrong, we all appreciate and desire luxurious things in life. But, if we didn’t have the fundamental things that money can’t buy – the materialistic things we do have would no longer matter to us. Here are 8 things money just can’t buy.

1. Happiness

We all have the occasional joke that money can buy happiness, we can buy shoes, make-up and all the luxurious things that we love and appreciate. But, when we’re honest with ourselves, and as we can all admit – money cannot buy happiness. The little things in life we treasure, the memories we’ve made and the people we love, they’re the things money can’t buy. Money cannot buy our true happiness.

8 Things Money Can't Buy

2. Respect

It all starts with self-respect. If you respect yourself, the respect will be reciprocated. Stand up for what you believe in, look after yourself and look out for those around you. Have self-respect, but also show respect to others. You can’t force someone to respect you, but on the other hand, you can refuse to be disrespected. Money cannot buy you high standards and money cannot buy other peoples respect. It all starts with self-respect.

3. Love

Love. Love simply makes the world go round. The true feeling of love cannot be bought, whether that be from family members or friends. The best things in life are free, you can’t buy the feelings that love provides you with; being cared for, someone always looking out for you and someone who wants to make sure you’re ok. Love decreases the need for money. If you are happy and in love with your own life – then what else do you need?

8 Things Money Can't Buy

4. Manners

Manners cost nothing. Those magic words; a simple ‘thank-you’ or a pleasant ‘please’ are fundamental when it comes to manners. Money can’t buy manners for you. Having manners should be a basic instinct, to be kind and appreciative at all times. Manners show basic respect for other people, which just cannot be bought.

5. Time

As the saying goes, time flys when you’re having fun. Time is precious, you’ve got to do what you can and what you love while you’ve still got the time to do it. Life is short, so do what makes you happy, and do a lot of it. Live life to the full.

8 Things Money Can't Buy

6. Morals

Morals are apart of a persons character. It’s knowing the difference between right and wrong, this is taught – this cannot be bought. By definition, it is the standards of someones behaviour, and what they believe to be the correct way of doing a particular thing. Generosity, kindness, consideration for other people who are around you – these are all key elements.

7. Hope

Hope. The expectation of a positive outcome. You’ve got to have hope, and you’ve got to have faith in everything that you set out to do. Hope is the biggest motivator; practise positivity and ooze optimism. Money cannot buy the courage that it takes to have hope.

8 Things Money Can't Buy

8. Kindness

Be kind, even on your bad days. No matter how small, one act of kindness is never wasted. If we all have a little more kindness, then we can all have a little less judgment. All it takes is one kind word, to someone else or even yourself, to make a massive impact. Kindness is a choice.

8 Things Money Can't Buy

Can you think of another thing money just can’t buy? Or have you already got something that money can’t buy? Let us know in the comments below!

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