6 Things Men Wish Their Girlfriends Understand

There are certain things men wish their girlfriends would understand. Are you curious about what your boyfriend wishes you'd understand?

Being in a relationship is hard, not every girl knows what men want in the relationship. Here is the guide for our ladies to know about the things men wish their girlfriend knows in the relationship

Don’t Compare Them With Other Men

Every man wants to be his lady’s hero, if you compare him with another man is the action of saying: “You’re helpless, I am wasting my time here with you. I should spend time with another man, you make me unhappy.” This hurt a man’s ego so much.

If he’s taking you out with his friends and you praise his friend about what he does for his girlfriend and say to your man:” I wish you can be more like him”. You have touched his red line, he will feel extremely offended by your sentence.


6 things men wish their girlfriend understands

Men wish their girlfriend gives them space

Your man needs his own space, especially if he’s dealing with stress and difficulty, you can show him that you care by doing a small thing like cooking his favorite meals without mentioning, taking good care of yourself instead of asking him to do it for you. When a man is dealing with stress, he justs wants to put 100 percent focus on those problems and solve them. If he cannot do it, he will do something else in order to distract himself from thinking about that problem.


However, since women love talking about their feelings in order to feel loved, they start to ask men much more questions about their situation. This makes a man feel like he doesn’t have enough space, therefore, instead of asking, we can provide the space and trust them that they’re gonna be back.

Men Don’t Want To Hear Drama, Especially From Their Girlfriend

The last thing that men want to hear from his girlfriend to talking behind other people’s back. You can share your story with your boyfriend, but don’t talk crap about other people. Another thing men wish their girlfriend knows is that they would love to spend time with a drama-free, not someone who also brings up drama to his life.

6 things men wish their girlfriend understands


Men Want Sympathy

Like everyone else, men wish their girlfriend knows that they want sympathy too. If he says that he is busy with his work, give him some sympathy. Knowing that he’s working hard for the future of both and love him more, your man will appreciate if you do that.

Men Want Trust In A Relationship

Just like women want to feel safe in a relationship, things men wish in their relationship is their ladies to trust them, trust in every decision he makes, trust in his love and your love for him. Unless your guts telling you that there’s something wrong. Trust him. Especially if you’re in a long distance relationship, you need extra trust in order to keep the relationship alive.


One trick is that the more you trust him, the more he will tell you the truth. For example, if he says, he is out with the boys for video games, trust him, and don’t run after him or giving him 15 phone calls checking if he is really doing that. This is not only showing him that you trust him but also shows him that you have your own fun life as well. He will come back and want to be a part of it after he fulfills his needs in entertainment or work.


After a few times, he will see that there is nothing wrong with telling you the truth, therefore there is nothing to hide anymore.

6 things men wish their girlfriend understands

And Men Want Their Girlfriend To Be More Confident

We all have our insecure, but one of the things men wish is that their girlfriend knows how beautiful she is. So the next time when he compliments you, take it and appreciate it. Men love to have confident women around.


Are there anything else you know your men wish you know? Don’t forget to tell us in the comment box below and visit our website regularly for more interesting information!

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