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10 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Went To Freshers Week At Warwick Coventry

10 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Went To Freshers Week At Warwick Coventry

Freshers week at Warwick is an exciting time. Here are some of things I wish I knew before I entered the wonderful purple and geese-filled bubble.

Freshers week at Warwick (or two weeks ) can be a fun and confusing time for everyone. Here are some of things I wish I knew before I entered the wonderful purple and geese-filled bubble that is Warwick.

1. Fresher’s flu is very real!

Small spaces with lots of different people is bound to be a germ-breeding site. Stock up on lots of vitamin C and Lemsip just in case.

2. How amazing home is.

Not having to cook, wash up, do laundry and do the weekly shop all by yourself really will feel like the best thing ever after a week or two at uni. Remember to appreciate your parents (even though they drive you mad!)


3. Tesco is a trek, but it will become your second home.

Ah, Tesco. From 4am snack runs to gourmet dinners- there’s nothing the place can’t provide. Though for many of us it can be a fairly long walk, it’s worth it when compared to the famously expensive Rootes grocery store.



4. The lyrics to Mr. Brightside.

Something you’ll inevitably learn after a few nights in the Copper Rooms.


5. Go to the societies fair.

From Cheese and Chocolate society to Quidditch society, there’s bound to be something that entices you. Societies are a sure-fire way of making new friends and exposing yourself to a larger crowd of people (outside of your course and halls) that you already share a common interest with.

6. You’ll learn a whole new vocabulary.

No, I’m not talking about that one French optional module you’ll be taking, but the infamous Warwick slang. The words “purple”, “circle” and even “geese” will start to take on a whole new meaning after a few weeks at Warwick. Check out the Facebook accounts for “Warwick Trolley” and “Warwick Goose” for an intro to Warwick’s weird banter.

7. The copper rooms are not the best.

You’ll get stains on any item of white clothing you wear, your shoes will constantly stick to the floor and you’ll leave smelling like a mix of alcohol and regret, but you will still make tons of memories (which you may not actually remember) with your new friends. Remember, it’s completely fine to throw up at your very first event (just try not to do it on any of your flatmates!)

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8. Don’t hide in your room!

Make friends with your flatmates, go to fresher events (and load up on freebies), talk to people on your course and in different societies you’ve joined. There’s always a huge pressure to make the ‘friends you’ll keep for life’ at university but the truth is, all you need is a couple of good friends to get you through those 10-week terms and the best way to do that is to push yourself to socialise- even if you don’t feel you’re the best at it.


9. You’ll realise how big the world is.

Whether you’re a city or a rural person, coming to Warwick makes you realise just how insignificant you are in the grand scheme of things. Don’t want to sound like a prospectus, but Warwick really is one of the most diverse campuses, where you’ll find hundreds of people from the most obscure and fascinating regions of the world. All it takes is one stroll through the library to hear 40 different dialects and accents.

10. Be yourself.

Lots of people consider university a time to really change and develop as a person, which you will inevitably do. I do think it is important not to lose sight of who you already are or change just to ‘fit in’ with certain crowds. Chances are, you’re already a pretty great person anyway.

Is there anything else you wish you knew before freshers week at Warwick Coventry? Let us know in the comments below!
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