10 Things From Your Childhood You’ve Probably Forgotten About

Childhood is a time in our lives filled with fleeting memories. With that said, here are some of the things from your childhood you may have forgotten!

Do you ever sit back and think about how easy it was to be a child, the days when your biggest worry was that you’d have to be home by a certain time or you’d get grounded. Don’t you wish you could be grounded now? The idea of being told to sit alone in your room and not interact with anybody doesn’t sound like punishment anymore, in fact, it sounds like complete bliss. Sometimes as an adult all’s you want after a long week is to hide away and binge on a Netflix series. As a child you have so much fun, doing the simplest of things. There are lots of things from my childhood that I miss. Here are 10 things you’ve probably forgotten about.

The tooth fairy

Everybody loved the tooth fairy as a child. If you spotted a loose tooth you’d wobble it about until it fell out. Imagine doing this now, I don’t know about you but I’d be mortified to lose a tooth as an adult. We were in it for the money, because everybody knew if you put the tooth under your pillow the fairy would come and collect it and leave behind the cash. If this still happened as an adult maybe I’d be more inclined to pull my teeth out. Did you ever try the door and string trick? You’d wrap the string around you tooth and connect it to the door then slam it shut, how insane? Would you do that now? To be honest, I’d probably consider it for a large amount of cash. The struggles of being an adult!

10 Things From Your Childhood You've Probably Forgotten About



Pogs were a massive craze in the 1990’s. A tiny disc that you’d spin, oh wow! We were so easily amused. They caused so much uproar and we took the game so seriously. “I’ll swap you to normal ones for a shiny.”

Haribo wedding ring

During primary school there was always a fake wedding. You’d act it out like an actual ceremony. If your crush gave you one of those coloured jellies to wear on your finger you were in luck.

Playing Kirkby

This game was so entertaining and it was no expense for our parents. You don’t see many kids playing Kirkby nowadays, come to think of it it’s probably dangerous. Standing at the edge of a road and throwing a football around whilst cars are passing, not the best idea, but it was fun!


Hop scotch

A packet of coloured chalks and a stone you’d found in your nans back garden and you were good to go. This is something you don’t really see anymore. Today’s generation are playing with Lego that costs £80 a box, bring back the old school games!

Super Nintendo or saga mega drive

You had a phase were you’d spend hours on end glued to a computer screen. You’d be so addicted that your parents would shout you for tea and you wouldn’t want to leave your bedroom. Super Mario and Donkey Kong were the best.

10 Things From Your Childhood You've Probably Forgotten About


Having tea parties with teddy bears

Imagine having a tea party with teddy bears or dolls as an adult. You would definitely be judged as being some kind of psychopath. As kid’s wed sit for hours pretending to pour tea into empty plastic cups and acting out a two way conversation, weird.

See Also

Kid parties

You will forever loathe the time when you were invited to friend’s birthday parties. Adult birthday parties just aren’t the same. Take us back to bouncy castles and party bags.


Sliding down stairs

We all done this, you’d grab a pillow and use it as a sledge to slide down the stairs. You probably injured yourself on more than one occasion. The only time I slide downstairs as an adult is after one too many drinks.


Every kid one of these as some stage in their childhood. It was your best friend/baby. You’d take it everywhere with you, make sure to feed and give it attention. It was basically childhood training on how to have a girlfriend. My Cyber-pet died after one week. R.I.P Timmy.

10 Things From Your Childhood You've Probably Forgotten About

These are just a few things that I remember from my childhood. What are your memories?  Tell us in the comments!
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