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20 Things From H&M UK You Need Right Now

20 Things From H&M UK You Need Right Now

Constantly keeping up with women's fashion trends, here are things from H and M UK you need for the latest styles and summer trends for ladies from H & M UK
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Let’s face it. When it comes to great trends, great quality and fabulous prices, H&M reigns supreme. With so many ranges from Divided to Log, Work and Trends, it would be impossible not to find the perfect outfit. However, when it comes to trends, H&M’s range is totally queening, making both our eyes and our bank accounts read ‘em and weep. This summer’s trends predict graphic tees, ruffles, florals, gingham and pleats; and H and M UK has our backs. Read on for the 20 pieces you need from H&M right now!

1. The floral dress.

Completely flattering for all body types. This gorgeous floral dress is perfect for any summer do. So bold and eye catching, it can be worn with the simplest of black accessories.



2. The pink ruffle dress.

The ultimate temptation for those who are not the biggest fans of the pink trend. Girly and feminine while also cutting edge and bold, the pink ruffle dress can be both dressy and causal.


3. The Pinstripe blazer.

Cool and classic. The pinstripe blazer from H&M replicates the masculine tailoring featured in many a trending section. The gorgeous satin finish creates a wonderfully chic effect. Worn best with trousers or jeans.



4. The pink dress.

This pink dress is guaranteed to add glamour to any outfit. Pink lover’s aspiring dreams boil down to this fabulous dress which can be worn casually or dressed up for an occasion with a pair of heels.



5. The denim jacket.

A tale as old as time wardrobe staple. Where ever you’re travelling to this summer, a denim jacket slung casually over the shoulder will not be amiss. By far one of the H&M’s best fashion moments as it can be worn with… well just about anything!


6. The lace dress.

There is nothing not to love about H&M’s green lace dress. A minty fresh dress with a twist, it is an absolute summer must have combining trends of off the shoulder tops, maxi skirts and lace. The sweetest of fashion temptations.



7. The ruffle sleeved top.

Ruffle sleeves? I think yes! Ruffled sleeved have worked their way in to our wardrobes and hearts before we had the chance to say no. This top is so versatile as it comes in pink and blue. One of H&M’s finest moments.



8. The sling-back heel.

The thought of wearing heels everyday strikes fear into even the bravest of ankles. However, this low heeled, comfortable shoe has slowly worked its way into our capsule wardrobe. Vintage and charming the low heel can be dressed down or dressed up.



9. The graphic tee.

Necessary. Completely necessary for a stylish and happy wardrobe. The graphic t-shirt is a must-have for fashionistas of all ages. From jeans to jackets, and skirts to shorts, there is no item of clothing the graphic t shirt does not complement. Meet your new best friend!


10. The ruffle trousers.

If you go down the trousers today you’re sure for a big surprise! Ordinary but yet completely special, these are the trousers with a difference. Consider my feathers thoroughly ruffled!



11. The bralette.

An unexpectedly flexible item. In spite of being so little, the bralette makes a BIG difference. Worn beautifully with sheer tops, under shirts and with everything high-waisted.



12. The silver pleated skirt.

Ice, ice baby! This skirt looks sharp! For those who resisted surrender to the pink pleated skirt, here lies an irresistible version of it in silver. Perfect for catching some summer rays, the silver skirt is a must have.



13. Yellow lace.

Here comes the sun. Or us twinning with it in summery yellow lace. Fruity and fun, this skirt brings summer to the UK (even when the sun is absent).


14. The gingham ruffle skirt.

This is a summer 2017 fashion hit and complete win. Gingham brings the picnic to the city in the most flirtatious and fashionable way.




15. The statement blazer.

Get ready to take on the day in complete style and glamour. This grey statement blazer can make a totally causal outfit completely stylish. When in doubt, trust this blazer.



16. The wrap over top.

Current, on point and on trend. City smart and beach ready. And also very pretty. What more could you want in a shirt?



17. The pyjama top.

Banish the Monday blues by wearing your pyjamas. H&M puts the Sunday into Monday with the most comfortable looking shirt in what is possibly the history of fashion.


18. The tulle dress.

As ballet chic takes centre stage, the tulle trend has inspired all. From ballerinas to Kendall Jenner, many a fashionista can be seen sporting some tulle. Even if you can’t dance you can still be a part of this delicate and ethereal style.



19. Statement earrings.

When you have lost faith in your ability to choose and outfit (sounds impossible but it happens), turn to statement earrings. These can be counted on to uplift any look.



20. Gold mules.

Not for the faint hearted, but eternal glory awaits those who wear them. Bold and bright, these shoes are the stars of the show.

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Are there any other things from H and M UK that you absolutely need to have?! Let us know in the comments!
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