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10 Things Every University of Ulster Belfast Student Asks Themselves

10 Things Every University of Ulster Belfast Student Asks Themselves

University of Ulster Belfast students all think the same thing at some point in their university career. Find out the most University of Ulster Belfast thoughts students have.

Don’t get me wrong, being a student is great. However, every student experiences bouts of frustration and just pure dismay, to be honest, multiple times a day. This is just a few questions every University of Ulster Belfast student asks themselves every single day.

1. Is it worth it?

So, you left the essay too late and you had to stay up to all hours in the morning to finish that essay, so¬†that 9am lecture the next morning seems like torture. It was a good idea the night before to set a 7am alarm, to make yourself look somewhat pretty and rested. But, lets just say it was a good idea to set the 7:30am, 8am and 8:30am alarms as well…

2. How presentable is presentable?

It’s all fun and games the night before when you set out a really cute outfit to wear the next day. That is until you wake up the next day and it just doesn’t seem worth it. A hoodie that goes down to my knees is acceptable, right?


3. Um, where are all the car parking spaces?

Okay, so I spend how much a year and can’t even find a parking space? A student has never felt pure joy until they find that last parking space with five minutes left to get to class.

4. Where am I supposed to be again?

It’s five minutes to class, where is everyone? …I’m outside the wrong room, aren’t I?

5. Did we do this?

You’re pumped at the start of the seminar, you soaked up every word the professor said in the lecture and you thought you really knew what the topic was about. That is until the seminar begins and every word sounds like a foreign language. You frantically flip through your notes, but you can’t even find the notes from the last lecture. Just great.


6. The salad or the burger?

Yeah, we all know what I’m going to pick in the Student’s Union. I’ll start being healthy on Monday.

7. Would anyone notice if I cry?

We all need that friend who tells us to wise up and save the tears until we’re home.

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8. Anyone need a lift home?

Every day the group text goes out asking if anyone needs a lift before you leave. Tough if you don’t let me know in time, I won’t think twice about making someone go home on the bus. I don’t want to be stuck here for any longer than I have to.

9. Anyone care for a takeaway?

All too often I’ve forgotten to defrost the frozen food, or worse yet ran out of food. And it’s only Tuesday. Anyway, that student loan is just sitting there, it’s being spent on food. Mother would be proud.

10. Guys, am I an alcoholic?

It’s a bit worrying when your housemates look slightly concerned when you ask if anyone would like a drink. At 6pm. On a Wednesday night. All about that University of Ulster Belfast student life though, right?

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