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10 Things Every University Of Essex Student Asks Themselves

10 Things Every University Of Essex Student Asks Themselves

The University of Essex provides students with plenty of unanswered (and unspoken) questions. If you're a student, here are 10 of them you ask everyday!

Whether it’s your first year or your fifth, being at uni lends itself to days full of unanswered (and unspoken) questions. Here’s a list of 10 questions you’ve probably already silently wondered about since you arrived at the University of Essex.

1. Where’s 5N.4.what?

Seriously, how the hell do I find this room?  Pretty sure I’ll be using Find Your Way for the rest of my degree.

2. How many years of sleep have I lost?

Pretty sure I’ll never recover from freshers week.  Thank you, coffee; you’re a life saver.


3. Can I adopt Pebbles?

He is Campus Cat. That means I’m allowed to keep him in my flat, yeah?

4. Do I really need a degree?

Honestly, I could make a great housewife.


5. Is this cheaper at Tesco?

You guys, 65p makes a difference when you’re at uni.

6. How long can I put off laundry?

Can I wash it in the lake? Because that shit is expensive. See no. 5.


7. Did I get on the right bus?

Yeah, you thought you knew. But you’re six stops past Tesco and don’t know how to get back.

8. Why am I still awake?

It’s five a.m. on a Tuesday. Where are my shoes? Whose flat am I in? I think I have a nine a.m.



9. Why didn’t I move to Australia?

Someday I’ll see the sun again. I hope.

10. Is it socially acceptable to have Nando’s three times in one week?

Asking for a friend.


If you haven’t asked these questions yet, just wait. Your time will come, and you’ll remember you’re not alone. For those who have asked these questions, DO YOU HAVE ANSWERS!?

Do you have any other questions  a University of Essex student asks themselves!? Share in the comments below!

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