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20 Things Every DMU Student Should Know

20 Things Every DMU Student Should Know

This time last year, I was a nervous wreck of a 17 year old, gearing up to finally hit the ‘submit’ button on my UCAS application. I only had a rough idea of where I wanted to go and what I wanted to do. I applied to universities all over the country but as I write this, I’m a first year English Language and Media student at De Montfort University. Having been living in Leicester for a little while now, I’d say that there are a few things every DMU student should know!

1. Freshers!

The FreshFest wristband – something I pounced on as soon as they were released over the summer – is a must have. This got me free entry into a lot of freshers’ events (much better than fumbling for cash when drunk at the door, if you ask me.) During this time, events such as the Freshers’ Ball, “F*ck me it’s Freshers” and of course the infamous Bonkerz Bar Tour are held all over Leicester. Don’t forget the events held during the day! The majority of these are free. Frozen Friday and the Welcome Weekend are much-loved favourites, alongside the Freshers’ Fair. Set an alarm for this. You won’t be able to believe the amount of discounted pizza you’ll eat over the course of university.


2. You are NEVER too old for a bouncy castle.

Normally, students start university at the age of eighteen or perhaps older. And, granted, the last time you set foot on a bouncy castle may have been at ten years old. Fear not. I guarantee you’ll discover at least one student-friendly bouncy castle during your time at uni, possibly even during Freshers’. NB: They’re even more fun when drunk. So what if you’re nineteen?


3. Mosh is your best friend.

Ever heard of Mosh nightclubs? Well, you have now. When I moved to Leicester, my coursemate and best friend who also goes to DMU dragged me and all of my flatmates out to a student night at Mosh, a club situated on St Nicholas. It’s situated over three floors, playing different types of music. It really does cater to all tastes – pop punk, chart music, remixes and the list goes on. That’s not the best part. On a student night it’s £2 to get in before 11.30pm and I’ve never seen a drink priced over £3.50 there. But the absolute kicker is that it’s open on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays – be sure to check it out.

4. DMU has amazing opportunities for work experience and a great employability scheme.

Whatever course you’re on, advisors and tutors will be able to help you find a work experience placement that suits you and your personal interests. Leicester has plenty of opportunities for anything ranging from work at Demon Media to volunteering abroad.

5. Join a society!

Everyone knows societies are an enjoyable aspect of uni and an easy way to meet like minded people, and DMU is no different. From creative writing to forensic science, cultural and religious based societies, as well as sport, cocktail making and the infamous Demon Media, there’s something to suit just about everyone.



6. Sport at DMU!

We don’t wear pink on Wednesdays (not all the time anyway) but we do play sport on Wednesdays. With over forty sport societies to choose from as well as a range of gym memberships at the QEII Leisure Centre, possibilities range from playing competitively or just a way to chill out on your own or with friends.

7. DMU Global

Have you ever considered travelling and the opportunity to learn more about other cultures and countries? For those curious, this is definitely one of the things every DMU student should know. With DMU Global you can get even more out of your experience as a student. Part of the cost will also be covered for you. There’s also a wide range of countries you can travel to, so if there’s a destination your heart is set on, get looking into it.


8. Leicester and its diverse culture.

Leicester is known very well for being a culturally diverse society. The Diwali celebrations over autumn are just one example of this, topped off with a beautiful firework display. DMU really is an international university, welcoming students and cultures from all over the world.

9. Leicester Market has fresh and affordable produce.

The well-esteemed Leicester Market stands in the city centre, a short walk from Highcross. I was so shocked the first time I went. Two punnets of strawberries for two quid? Six peppers for a pound? Yes. Of course. Count me in.

10. Gorgeous views in Leicester.

Between Soar Point (I’ll get onto that in a minute) and New Wharf Hall of Residence lie some of the most iconic views in Leicester city centre – of Castle Gardens and not too far away, River Soar. There’s a lovely view of River Soar from the outdoor area in Soar Point as well, especially when it’s all lit up at night.


11. Soar Point’s weekly quiz.

I mentioned Soar Point earlier – on a Sunday night you can find students and locals gathering for a cocktail or pint or three and the weekly quiz. Remember to get inventive with your names! Some of the ones I’ve been hearing have been really funny but…well, less than appropriate to post on here, but check it out one night.

12. The Clock Tower is popular.

Apparently this is a popular meeting spot so I’m always hearing or being told “I’ll meet you at the clock tower?!” However, I’m not really a local yet so when friends ask me this, being the southerner with no sense of direction I WILL get lost. I still haven’t quite worked out how to get there. Hopefully you guys do better with this than me. But seriously, the view is lovely.

13. DMU embraces creativity.

Being a media student myself, I can truly see that DMU fully embraces creativity, offering courses such as fine art, creative writing, film studies, fashion and music related courses. These are a few of many! The opportunities to get stuck in and create something new are increasing every day and I believe that’s one of the best things about this university.


14. THE FOOD. (Yes, I did write that in capital letters.)

Leicester is a really multicultural city which goes hand in hand with cuisine. Even for students, still there are still cheaper restaurants, fast food places and discounts. Such as the SU’s fry up (makes for the best hangover breakfast, along with a Maccies breakfast.) I could go on, but the only thing I have to add to this is that there are four Nando’s restaurants in Leicester.

15. McDonald’s and other midnight snacks.

Speaking of Maccies, there seems to be a big golden M on every corner in Leicester, so when you’re stumbling home after a night out at 2.30am make sure to take advantage of your student discount and get a cheeseburger. You know you want to… Failing that though, if you’re mooching down Narborough Road in the middle of the night, TJs and Big Johns are both great places for a snack when sloshed.

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16. Leicester accents!

You will probably leave DMU with at least a hint of a Leicester accent. Every time I speak to my mum on the phone she demands to know why I ‘sound northern’.

17. Shopping at Highcross.

Have a wander round Highcross shopping centre and munch on an obligated Krispy Kreme doughnut. It can be quite depressing seeing so many lovely things that none of us students can afford to buy, but there’s always a cheaper alternative, usually found in one of the cheaper shops in Highcross. Failing that Haymarket, five minutes from Highcross, will most likely have whatever you’re looking for if not.


18. Football and Rugby

One of the things every DMU student should know is that Leicester City won the Premier League earlier this year. Tickets are often being sold discounted or available to win as prizes, as well as tickets to see the Leicester Tigers. To check out ticket sales, click here!

19. The High Cross Pub is a must.

If you’re looking for a cheap but cool drinking spot, look no further than High Cross Pub, otherwise known as Spoons. Beers and lagers often sold for under £3 each, and £6 pitchers?! I can’t think of anything better.

How affordable the high cross pub is is one of the things every DMU student should know!

20. Strongbow Dark Fruit will also become one of your best friends.

It’s not unique to Leicester but from what I can gather it’s definitely a cheaper alternative to Rekordelig or Kopparberg. You’ll get used to the taste. I hope you enjoyed the things every DMU student should know!  things every DMU student should know.



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