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10 Things Every Coventry University Student Asks Themselves

10 Things Every Coventry University Student Asks Themselves

Being a student, you’re at a time of your life where you’re not quite an adult, but you’re definitely not an average teen anymore, which is pretty damn confusing, and being confused, can lead you to ask yourself the same multiple questions on a daily basis – until graduation. Now, I’m not sure if I’ve passed my last exam, but I’m certain these particular questions have crossed every Cov students’ mind at least once. Keep reading for 10 things every Coventry University student asks themselves!

1. Would my parents hate me if I drop out?

When you finally realize just exactly what you’ve gotten yourself into for the next three years of your life, essays, stress- induced study sessions, late-night library trips -heading straight for a regular 9-5 doesn’t seem so bad.


2. Did I really need that 3rd/4th/ 18th shot the night before my 8:30 lecture?

Of course, it was totally acceptable in the moment you forgot how hard waking up hungover was, let alone sober.



3. If I quickly go the other way, they wouldn’t notice me right?

Every Coventry University student has that person they want to avoid in a small city like Cov, from a talkative friend, to the one-night stand partner you only wanted to see once, and as fate would have it, they end up walking straight towards your direction.

4. Will anyone recognize this outfit?

We don’t have the luxury to buy as much clothes anymore, and laundry needs time we don’t really have as students, so repeated outfits become a must.


5. Is it socially acceptable to wear pajamas to lectures?

Because technically they’re still classed as clothing right? And they’re so comfy.

6. Just watch one more episode and that’s it for today, ok?

Because a Netflix binge of 3 movies, one show series and video posts from your fave vloggers simply wasn’t enough for me time.




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7. Why do I keep making bad choices?

If you were just responsible enough, and didn’t party or eat out as often as you did, you wouldn’t stress so much over deadlines, and you certainly wouldn’t have to make the dreaded phone call to the bank of mum and dad.


8. Could I use that same cup/plate again?

So you haven’t quite gotten round to washing yet, but you’re so hungry now, so you debate whether you should eat pasta on top of this mornings’ toast crumbs, or just eat it straight from the pan.

9. Which club should I go to tonight?

A question many Cov students struggle with, even though they are only 3 clubs really worth going to, and they pretty much already know which one to head off to, depending on what day it is.


10. Should I have gone to Birmingham uni instead?

You think of fact that it has way more bars and clubs, and even more places to go which should equal more fun. Only before realizing, nope, I’m happy at Cov, because despite Cov being a smaller, cheaper version of Birmingham, it has everything you could need, and besides, it’s way more exciting to travel to Birmingham than to live there.


Are there any other things every Coventry University student asks themselves? Comment below!
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