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10 Things Every Aberystwyth University Student Asks Themselves

10 Things Every Aberystwyth University Student Asks Themselves

Every university comes with a unique set of questions that students ask themselves. We've put together a list of things every Aberystwyth University student asks themselves.

Aberystwyth.. home of almost 10,000 students. Beautiful, sunny Aberystwyth that makes you so thankful to be a student in such a wonderful place. Aberstwyth is most known for it’s beautiful sea front, country lanes and the most incredible community feel, however, it does have parts which make you consider dropping out and giving up on life (possible exaggeration ha). As much as I love Aberystwyth I have definitely discovered a few things that I really need to consider on a daily basis when being here, just like many students! With that, I thought I would share with you guys some of the things that almost 10,00 students ask themselves every single day.

1. To walk Pengalis hill in the wind or not to walk.. that is the question. 

2. Yoko’s or Pier? or both?! A constant battle of the only clubs in Aberystwyth. 


3. What does the sun look like? It seems to be lost amongst the rain, clouds and fog. 

4. Why are there SO MANY stairs in Hugh Owen Library?! 

5. The walk to Llanbadarn Campus just isn’t worth the hassle.. Perhaps I’ll try again. 

6. Have I just made a bigger mistake than when Pasi Chi got YikYak shut down?



7. Deciding between a night out or writing an assignment.

8. Am I seriously paying £9000 for this shit? I could read the powerpoint myself! 

9. Why can’t every taxi driver be as cool as Conrad’s Cabs?!

10. Hmm.. which take away am I less likely to get food poisoning from? 




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Are there any other things every Aberystwyth University student asks themselves? Comment below!
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