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Top 10 Things Brits Miss Most When They Move Abroad

Top 10 Things Brits Miss Most When They Move Abroad

Top 10 Things Brits Miss Most When They Move Abroad

Making a move abroad is a huge lifestyle change, so we’re bound to miss those home comforts. Brits especially seem to suffer from homesickness and wind up craving what they know and love about the UK. So, these are apparently the most missable things about our little island…

1. Our Family

It may seem obvious but leaving your family behind is one of the hardest aspects of a move abroad. Sure, you get sick and tired of them when they’re constantly around you, but it won’t be long before you’re over the independence and wanting nothing more than a cuddle from your parent or even a fight with your sibling…

2. Our Friends

On par with family, friends are also super missable and you have the added FOMO element as you watch them living their lives without you. Trying to organise a group facetime seems to take forever and it’s just not the same as seeing their faces and hearing their voices in person.


3. Our Pets

Practically part of the family, whether it be dogs, cats, rabbits, reptiles, or any other exotic pets you may own, parting with them is like leaving a limb behind – a noticeable loss that you can only just survive without. Your family tries to comfort you by sending you regular pictures and videos of your beloved pet, but this only makes your heart hurt more.

4. Our Roast Dinners

Wherever you’ve moved to, you’re not going to find a classic Sunday roast. If you’ve moved to a warm country, this won’t be so much of an issue, but a climate similar to the UK or colder, you’ll find yourself salivating over the thought of gravy-soaked Yorkshire puddings…Not being able to buy the ingredients, nor find a roast on any menu, you’ll be dying to return home and dig into this typically British dinner.

5. Our Clubbing

It may not actually be the best clubbing scene in the world, but it feels like it to us. We love the music, the people, the drinks, the décor so much that clubbing abroad just doesn’t match up. You could go to the best club in Europe and still rank home clubs above it, no doubt due to the countless good memories you’ve made there.


6. Our Bacon

Not dissimilar to the roast dinner situation, bacon abroad just doesn’t compare to the crispy bacon we know and love in the UK. If you’re desperately trying to recreate a full English breakfast abroad, the bacon will be the one ingredient on the plate letting the team down and inhibiting your success. It’s too thin, too flavourless and too rubbery. Trust me, you’ll be on the next flight home.

7. Driving

The likelihood is that if you move abroad, you won’t be driving a car. The rules of the road in foreign countries are just too daunting for us left-hand side of the road drivers. Which inevitably means, public transport. The hassle of figuring out complex transport systems abroad is only slightly less stressful than driving would be, which means we end up walking the majority of the time.

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Whilst this is great for our health, it’s tiring as it takes twice as long, making you start dreaming of being behind the wheel of your trusty car back home.

8. Easy Communication

When in your home country, you take communication for granted. Moving somewhere where English is not an official language makes daily tasks a lot harder. Although you may enjoy learning a new language and immersing yourself in the culture, you’ll experience far more miscommunications than at home, making you appreciate the ease of communicating in your own country.

9. Our TV

If you like to watch a bit of TV in your downtime, you’ll find it problematic abroad. Live UK TV channels are hard to come by, and you’ll find yourself paying for individual subscriptions for each channel you want to watch!


10. Appreciating Good Weather

When you’ve lived in a much more favourable climate than the UK for quite some time, you begin to take warm weather and the absence of rain for granted. You’re not overcome with that same feeling of joy you get when the sun shines at home, or there’s a week-long heatwave…

Are you about to move abroad? What will you miss most? Tell us what you love about the UK!

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