10 Things Boyfriends Do That Annoy You Without Them Knowing It

Boyfriends can drive you insane. They can make you ‘Crazy In Love’ to quote Beyoncé as they always seem to be on your mind, you want to spend all your time with them, and you can’t imagine how it is possible to love them as much as you do. However, boyfriends can also drive you crazy in terms of annoying you. The worst thing about this is that more often than not, your boyfriend doesn’t even know that what he does annoys you.

This is to the extent that when you loose your cool and erupt in his face, he is totally caught off guard and has to actually ask you to explain what he has done wrong (all the while thinking your touchiness is probably down to hormones, or your time of the month!). So the purpose of this article is to list 10 things that boyfriends do that annoy you without them knowing it. This article is aimed at the girlfriends of said boyfriends, to show you that you aren’t alone in your annoyance, and also at the boyfriends themselves to help make their lives easier too! *This is not a reflection of any relationship in particular.*

1. He takes ages to reply to you.

So many times I have overheard boys call their girlfriends psychos because they are constantly messaging them. In our defence, it is not that we are psycho, we just want to check that you’re still alive. If you are busy then that is completely fine, we also don’t want to be on our phones 24/7 (we have lives too), but at least let us know that you can’t talk and will reply when you can. The worst thing you could possibly do is to leave us on read for hours, especially if we can see you’ve been online since. To what might seem like minutes to you, can seem like hours to girls.

2. When he does reply to you, he can be blunt.

Girl talk is very different to boy talk. It has often been remarked that my messages to my girls are more like essays (what can I say, I am an English student after all!), and girls can often be more talkative than boys over message. It is super annoying when boyfriends reply with one of two lines and fail to acknowledge everything you have said in a message. I mean it is not as if you put loads of thought into that message and expected them to actually read and reply to every line…

3. Tells you to ‘calm down’ or ‘relax’.

Picture this: you have just ranted to your boyfriend about something, maybe drama with someone in your girl group, or you are mid argument with your boyfriend and they tell you to ‘chill out’ or use a similar throwaway phrase. Without them knowing it, this is the worst possible thing they could have said and is more likely to make you angrier. Of course they don’t know this, their intention being to try to diffuse the situation, but it makes you feel as if they aren’t listening to you, or that they haven’t taken what you’ve said seriously enough.

4. Asks you to come over then plays PS3 all night.

Another thing your boyfriend does that annoys you without him knowing it, is to invite you over under the guise he wants to spend some ‘quality time’ together, but then when you arrive, he then plays video games with his boys all night. This is not acceptable, while girlfriends understand that you need your boy time too, we don’t want to have to compete for your attention through a mic when we are together.

5. Bumps into a friend when you are out and fails to introduce you.

My boyfriend has received detailed descriptions of all my friends and is shown a picture of each so he can put a face to a name when I talk about them. I like him to feel like he knows my friends even if he hasn’t physically met them all yet. But it doesn’t always work the same the other way round. Another annoying thing that boyfriends do is to fail to introduce you to their friend/s when they bump into them when you are out together. This means you are left standing there to the side looking and feeling like a right doughnut, or worse, you have to introduce yourself and risk coming across as an overbearing girlfriend!

6 .He fails to make solid plans.

Stereotypically speaking, boys are much more relaxed compared to girls when it comes to organising what you want to do on a particular day. I like to know what I am doing in advance so that I can plan my week ahead. When your boyfriend replies that he might be free Friday but he’s not sure yet, or he is definitely free Saturday but will confirm timings with you nearer the date, it can be enough to push us girlfriends over the edge. Or better still, when your boyfriend organises a surprise but will not tell you anything so you have a meltdown about what outfit to wear etc. etc.

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7. Asks you to carry stuff in your bag for him.

Boys if you actually looked in your girlfriend’s bag you would see that there isn’t a lot of room in there. This is because most girls carry a condensed version of their whole life with them wherever they go just so that they won’t be caught off guard. When you ask to put your phone, wallet and keys in their bag, not only is this annoying, it also makes their bag even heavier and weighs their shoulders down. I mean the least you could do is to offer to give them a shoulder, back and neck massage as part compensation…

8. Buys you outfits that he likes but that you’d never pick yourself.

More often than not this is underwear. Don’t get me wrong sexy underwear is a huge turn on in the bedroom for everyone involved and can be extremely empowering. But when every item of underwear he buys you is a thong or G-string, this can be extremely annoying. Sometimes we need something a bit more substantial (not quite Bridget Jones’ knickers) instead of a bit of dental floss between our butt cheeks. Boyfriends also have the tendency to buy us clothes for a night out that aren’t too tasteful, or too practical. They want to show off every inch of our bodies but little do they know that our blood flow is slowly being cut off by the latest leather number they have got us. They buy clothes with themselves in mind rather than what we really want or need. Have some input boys but remember that we have our own style too.

9. Says you look ‘nice’ when you ask his opinion on an outfit.

Boys we ask your opinion for a reason, especially if we are going on a night out, we like to dress up for your benefit as well as our own. Sometimes this leads us to take risks with our outfit choices and we can be left feeling a little self-conscious. So when we ask for your opinion, we aren’t fishing for compliments (although they would be welcomed), but instead we are asking for reassurance. When boyfriends reply that we look ‘nice’ and refuse to elaborate, this can be beyond infuriating.

10. Being funny with you when you talk about your male friends.

It is healthy to have friends of both sexes both when you’re single, and when you’re in a relationship. However, sometimes boyfriends can’t help but let their jealousy show via their facial expressions, their body language or their tone of voice. I’m aware this point can work both ways and that girlfriends can react the same way too, but nonetheless, it is still very annoying. Just remember boys, there is no need to be insecure, we love you and are with you for a reason!

So there you have it, a list of ten things that boyfriends do that annoy us without them knowing it. Can you think of any other points, or boys do you have anything to say back to this? If so, then answer in the comment section below.
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