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10 Things All Business Majors Can Relate To

10 Things All Business Majors Can Relate To

As a business major you'll experience situations that only this degree can offer. Check out our ten things all business majors can relate to!

Whether you’re a marketing, finance or management student, there are certain stresses and situations that all business majors can relate to. From countless group assignments to the pressures of getting internships, these are our top ten things that only business students can understand!

1. Michael Scott

Sure, Steve Jobs and Richard Branson are cool, but let’s not forget our real inspiration for becoming a business major. Our management units are basically a list of what not to do in business, so in other words, look at what Michael Scott does and do the opposite.

Also, we all secretly hope an office job will be exactly like working on The Office. Pranks, crazy antics and everything in between, I’m sure that’s exactly what a professional job will be like.


2. Business stats

Statistics may be the most hated subject among business majors, apart from business law of course. But nothing beats that sweet feeling of passing by the skin of your teeth and saying adios to simple linear regression and statistical inference. Don’t ask me what that means, though.  I honestly don’t even remember anything from that class.

3. Internship pressures

All business majors know the need to get internship experience. Forget about assignments and grades, internships are what’s going to help you stand out among the thousands of other business students! And if that isn’t pressure, I don’t know what is.


4. Accounting

Honestly, when it comes to accounting you either love it or you hate it. Some of you just get credit and debit and relish the feeling of a perfectly balanced balance sheet. While the rest of us don’t even understand our own taxes.

5. Class presentations

Being a business major comes with its own set of rules when it comes to class presentations. A major one is that we have to dress professionally, which comes under a myriad of terms like corporate wear, business professional or business casual, and honestly, none of us know the difference. Also, it’s not weird at all to rock up to uni in a full on pantsuit while everyone else is in jeans and a t-shirt.


6. LinkedIn taking over your life

Forget Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat, LinkedIn is where it’s at. From taking the perfect LinkedIn profile picture to expanding your network, it’ll take over your life more than any other social media platform! While everyone else is having fun scrolling through memes we’re online making business connections!

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7. Networking

Business is all about connections, it’s not just what you know but who you know. And we all know that dreaded feeling when we realise we didn’t make as many business connections as we could have. So off to networking events we go!


8. Economics

Like accounting, economics was just one of those units I could not wrap my head around. I know how to draw a supply and demand graph but that’s about it!

9. The pain of group assignments

I mean, it goes without saying, no student in the history of ever enjoys a group assignment. From the awkward group chats to the messages left on read, no one likes group work. And yet in business, you are guaranteed a major group assignment that counts for almost half your grade in nearly all units.

10. Taking pride in your degree

At the end of the day though, business is an incredibly diverse and valuable degree. There are really no limits to what we can achieve. So take pride in being a business major and get excited for the future of opportunities that await!


What else have you found that is unique to your studies as a business major? Let us know in the comments below!