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These Travel Packing Tips Will Help To Avoid A Heavy Suitcase

These Travel Packing Tips Will Help To Avoid A Heavy Suitcase

Are you looking for some travel packing tips for your next big trip? We all know how that a heavy suitcase can cost us some big bucks when flying. These suitcase packing ideas will help you big time!

Travelling is exciting, fun, amazing, the best – just about every good adverb under the sun. There is one nuisance, however, and that is the act of packing your suitcase! I’m someone who feels the need to pack as much as my suitcase could carry, and that doesn’t usually end well at the airport…(excess baggage fees, yikes). But, you would be happy to know that I have learnt my lesson! 😀 If you’re like me, then read on for these travel packing tips that will help to avoid a heavy suitcase!

1) Get yourself a lightweight suitcase.

If your suitcase is somewhat heavy, (and it’s still empty) don’t make it your travel buddy! If you’re someone who tends to pack quite “heavy” anyway, an already-heavy suitcase will do you no favours and could cost you much more (both at the store and at the airport!) Go buy yourself a relatively lightweight suitcase and follow the rest of these travel packing tips once that’s done!

2) Store jewellery and small items in pill containers.

Yes, that’s right. I would have originally gone with plastic bags, but pill containers are much more secure and convenient if (like me) you’re someone who simply cannot live without your jewellery! They’re lightweight, hardly occupy any space and will keep your jewellery safe and organised – plus they’re super cheap and easily accessible. It’s no secret that jewellery boxes are a huge no-no when it comes to lightweight convenience, so this for me has always been one of the most useful travel packing tips to help avoid a heavy suitcase!


3) Store your socks inside your shoes.

This awesome travel packing tip does double the duty; not only does it save space and help to avoid a heavy suitcase, it also serves to keep your shoes nice and in-shape! C’est tres magnifique!

4) Pack whole outfits rather than outfit pieces.

Oh my mother has been advising me with this travel packing tip for donkey years. You know when you gaze into your wardrobe and think *hmmm, I could do with this blouse, I love this frilly blouse* before dropping a *oh, those khaki pants, I simply cannot do without them* followed by a *damn, these red heels. Must. Take. Them. With. Me.*…doesn’t sound like a very appealing outfit, does it? Even worse, those outfit pieces will most likely end up hibernating inside your suitcase throughout your entire stay abroad – because you simply don’t know what on Earth to pair them with! Be a wise little traveller and pack whole outfits that you know you’ll actually wear.

5) Limit the amount of makeup and nail polish you take with you.

I know, I know, this is much easier said than done. I know. But it’s doable. 🙂 And it will save you a heck of a lot of trouble! Try to tell yourself that you could only choose a certain amount of lipstick shades or nail polish bottles to pack with you, depending on the duration of your holiday. Don’t take everything with you intending to spoil yourself for choice once you get to your holiday destination! Pack them in accordance with your outfits, if you really have to, and make sure you don’t surpass that limit you set for yourself! I find this to be one of the most useful travel packing tips as it will definitely help to avoid a heavy suitcase, leaving you feeling organised and clear-minded!



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6) Leave the shampoo, conditioner & shower gel home alone.

Don’t take bottles of shampoo, conditioner or shower gel with you! They are heavy and take up an awful amount of space. Unless you’re travelling to the Moon, bath and shower products are readily available and might even be cheaper and better quality than whatever brand you’re currently using! Save yourself the hassle, and try out this travel packing tip to help you avoid a heavy suitcase!


7) Actually fold or roll up your clothes!

Folding my clothes so that they’re nice and neat is obvious to me, but apparently it isn’t as obvious to a lot of other people! I often see people on TV just stuffing their clothes into their suitcases, and it genuinely hurts my soul. I cannot bear the sight of it. Not only is it messy and can leave your clothes all wrinkled up, it also does not leave any space for other items! Rolling up your clothes is even better than folding them. To me, it is one of the best travel packing tips because it helps to maximise the space in your suitcase – plus, packing your rolled-up clothes with air compression bags will actually help to keep them nice and wrinkle-free!

Are you excited for the summer but can’t stop anxiously contemplating how and what to pack? Just follow these 7 travel packing tips and they will for sure help you to avoid that dreaded heavy suitcase!

Did these travel packing tips help you? Let us know in the comment section below!

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