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These Small Vibrators Are Perfect To Take On The Go

These Small Vibrators Are Perfect To Take On The Go

Are you looking for a vibrator that actually works and is small enough to fit in a tiny purse easily? Check out the best small vibrators around! We have gathered a list of products that you will love.

So, you’re at the age where you can finally embrace your sexuality, masturbation is no longer a taboo, and you’ve jumped on the vibrator bandwagon. Who hasn’t? It’s 2018! However, issues may start to arise when you need something a little more discreet. Whether you’re going on a family holiday, a uni trip, or a weekend away, your rampant rabbit may not exactly be travel-friendly. Here’s a round up of the best small vibrators that are perfect to take on the go, and will still leave you feeling satisfied!

So Divine ‘Need You Tonight’ Vibrating Bullet

Everyone needs a bullet in their life. These compact vibrators may look small, but I promise you they Get The Job Done. Not only is this silicone bullet from So Divine super affordable, it’s also available in ASDA! You don’t need to bother with a potentially embarrassing trip to Ann Summers, or worry about your mum opening your post with this one, and it’s ideal for on the go.

iJoy Vibrating Love Egg

This 10-speed small vibrator runs on just one AAA battery – perfect to take away with you! It’s also completely waterproof, so if you don’t have your own room, feel free to have an extra relaxing bath or shower with this one. This is one of the most convenient small vibrators.


Okay, this one is a little pricey. But for those of you who want to add a little bougie to their vibrator collection, this could be for you. Small and discreet, this comes with a wireless controller – so if by “on the go” you’re thinking dinner date while your partner handles the controls, you’ve hit the jackpot. Choose from three sexy colours, go out and have some fun!

Rocks Off Bamboo

This small vibrator is perhaps the most discreet of them all. It’s shaped like a lipstick! Keep this in your make up bag when you’re on the go, and no one will know the difference. Don’t be fooled by its small size though – it has 10 speeds, so you truly can get your rocks off. This is one of the small vibrators that is disguised as a lipstick product.

Lovehoney Bang Bang Clitoral Vibrator

Does anyone remember that episode of Sex And The City, where Charlotte can’t get out of bed because she’s too obsessed with her new rabbit? Maybe if she’d had this to take on the go, there wouldn’t have been an issue… Arguably the best part of the rabbit, this small vibrator is bunny ears only. It’s also ridiculously cute, and super affordable. Ladies, form a queue!

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Tingletip Electric Toothbrush Clitoral Vibrator

This may be the most ingenious invention I have ever seen in my whole 23 years. This small vibrator is simply an attachment for your toothbrush. An attachment for your toothbrush! Pop it in your toiletries bag, and take it on the go or on holiday. Plus, this only vibrates when it’s actually attached, so there’s no risk of an embarrassing vibrating suitcase as you go through customs…

Which of these small vibrators are you excited to take on the go? Let us know in the comments below!

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