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These Printed Accent Chairs Will Compliment Any Room

These Printed Accent Chairs Will Compliment Any Room

Printed accent chairs are the cutest! Especially for a flat or home! These decorative staples will really take a bland room to another level!

Accent chairs are a functional way to add a feature to your room without having to do any heavy redecorating, such as painting your walls or buying a whole new set of furniture. The printed patterns on the chairs in this article will create a focus point and breathe new life into your space. These are the best printed accent chairs your home is missing!

1. The DABORN armchair gives three bold pattern options

This comfortable armchair is the perfect shape and size to make a bold statement in your room. Available in a bold black and white geometric pattern, as well as a softer orange and pink spotted pattern and a colourful block pattern which reminds me of a watercolour palette, this armchair can find its place in any room.


2. The Alpana Cocktail Chair brings contemporary and classic together in this statement chair

The soft teal velvet front of this chair makes it warm and cosy to sit in, whilst the back boasts a bold and beautiful screen-printed design in contrasting lime and pink. This chair is perfect if you are torn between loving vintage-looking pieces and contemporary design, as it brings the two different looks together in a piece of furniture which is sure to catch the eyes of anyone visiting your home.

3. The floral print of the iconic Joules’ Cambridge Chair adds a colourful and summery feel

We’re used to seeing the sunny yellow exterior of Joules on the high street, but they have joined together with DFS to produce their classic floral patterns on furniture. This bright and colourful accent chair brings together shades of yellow, blue, green and pink, making it a good match for many existing colour-schemes you may have in your room already.


4. The POÄNG armchair offers classic design and monochrome prints

Ikea are well-known for their classic, Scandinavian designs and this chair is no exception, despite being designed by Japanese designer Noboru Nakamura. This chair is almost fully customisable, from the colour of the frame to the design of the cushions. The black and white leafy vislanda print is delicate yet interesting enough to be an accent piece of furniture in your room.

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5. The fabric of this Picardi accent chair adds a retro touch

If you’re a fan of retro patterns, then printed accent chairs such as this should fit perfectly into your space. Available in 4 different colour palettes of green, orange, blue and purple, meaning you can pick the colour that best suits you.


6. The Nancy printed chair is delicate enough to match any room

The traditional and delicate feel of this patterned fabric means that it brings an uplifting design into your space. It is available in both pale and dark tones, meaning that it can fit in to your existing décor whilst being a statement piece of furniture.

Do you have any other printed accent chairs that make a statement? Leave a picture in the comment section below!

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