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These Are The Most Unique Liqueurs That You Absolutely Have To Try

These Are The Most Unique Liqueurs That You Absolutely Have To Try

You need to try these unique liqueurs ASAP! We've put together a list of some of the best ones for you to check out for your next drink!

We all love a drink every now and then, whether it’s a simple pint at the local pub or a fancy cocktail at a bar. Chances are, most of us are accustomed to the refreshing taste of Piña Coladas and the energising Long Islands, but guess what – there are so many weird liqueurs out there that you’ve probably never even heard of. Why not take your drinking habits to another level and opt for something new? Here are the most unique liqueurs that you absolutely have to try at least once in your life:

1. Pure Milk Vodka

Made by Black Cow in Dorset, UK, this is definitely one of the most unique vodkas out there. By first transforming the whey that’s left over from the cheese into milky beer, the company then distills that concoction into milk alcohol. However, contrary to most expectations, the final product tastes nothing like milk – instead, it’s got hints of cinnamon and vanilla.

2. Cachaça

Despite being extremely popular in its home country, Cachaça is rarely used in other places; it is mostly reserved for tropical and exotic cocktails. Made out of fermented sugarcane juice, this unique liqueur often takes on the flavour of the wooden barrel that it has been kept in.


3. Jenever

Did you know that this unique liqueur was the precursor to our beloved gin? Considered to be the national spirit of Belgium and the Netherlands, Jenever is a juniper-flavoured beverage that has a very neutral taste. It is somewhat similar to vodka, except it’s got a slight aftertaste of malt wine and (you guessed it) juniper.

4. Fernet

Fernet is a type of bitter aromatic spirit that is packed full of different ingredients. These can vary depending on the manufacturer, but oftentimes include myrrh, chamomile, aloe, cardamom, rhubarb, and saffron. It is typically served as a digestif or added to coffee and espresso drinks. What a way to start off your morning! This is one of the unique liqueurs we love!

5. Pálinka

This unique liqueur has got a long history – it’s been around since the Middle Ages. It is a type of fruit brandy that is most commonly made from cherries, pears, apricots, apples, or plums. This drink is so cherished by the Europeans that it is even protected as a geographical indication of the EU (who would’ve known that a drink could mean so much).

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6. Chareau

This aloe-based liqueur has recently gained a lot of popularity. Originating in the sunny state of California, this botanical spirit is claimed to be so good that it can be enjoyed both on its own or as part of a cocktail. It is often popular during the warmer months of the year due to its bright, soft flavour.

7. China-China

Don’t let the name confuse you – this unique French liqueur is a type of Amaro, which is an Italian flavoured bitter spirit. The China-China variant is produced by the Bigallet distillery and has a distinctly bitter-sweet taste, which is derived from a blend of orange peel and caramel. This is one of the best unique liqueurs.


8. Baijiu

Literally translating to “white (clear) alcohol”, Baijiu is a type of Chinese grain liqueur. It is most commonly distilled from sorghum, even though there are plenty of other variations available. One of the most unique ones falls under the Phoenix aroma category – this type of Baijiu is fermented in mud pits and has an earthy flavour. For the most part, this liqueur is considered to have an acquired taste, but you’ll never know until you try it for yourself.

Have you tried any of these unique liqueurs? What kind of spirit is your favourite? Let us know below!
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