These Are The Best Women’s Health Subscription Boxes

There are a ton of subscription services out there, however, these women's health subscription boxes may be one of the best things to arrive on your doorstep each month!

The weather is improving and summer is nearly here, but is your health? As these hotter months are (finally) approaching, it is time to get our bodies, minds and health in tip-top shape. For those who find it hard to find motivation, too lazy to book a personal trainer or too poor to buy the best organic products on the market, then this one is for you… There are now hundreds of women’s health subscription boxes available to cater for everyone, their needs and their health – and these are our favourite ones.


Jen – “Food is our most essential ally in the quest for health, happiness, wellness and longevity”. After enduring on a journey to find her better-self in terms of health, fitness and happiness, Founder and CEO Jen setup Lifebox to help others alike. The box has multiple options to suit everyone’s needs and wants; energy, restore or the classic. Filled with all kinds of food-goodies, remedies and supplements. Say goodbye to our bad habits and hello to our alter-ego health fanatic! This is easily one of the best women’s health subscription boxes!



Our favourite Youtube’s Niomi Smart and Marcus Butler founded Sourcedbox in 2016 after realising there was room on the market for an all vegan, organic subscription box. As the veganism craze was in full swing earlier this year, means those of you still sticking too it now have an easier alternative to getting those vegan items without a trip to Wholefoods or Holland & Barrets, yipeee! Not only full of goodness but the snacks are delightful – vegan or not. Sourcedbox is all about health, happiness and wellbeing; making it super easy to kick start your summer health-retreat at home.

Pink Parcel

When our (not so) good friend TOM – time of month – makes his monthly appearance, it is normal for us girls to hit an all time low in terms of our mood, feelings and health. We have a tendency to reach for the closest chocolate bar or cake we can and give ourselves a good week off to rest. This means laying in bed with hot water bottles, blankets, Netflix and endless amounts of junk-food. I mean, of course it is all justified, but it won’t do us any favours for the following week(s). Pink Parcel is the UKs number 1 period subscription box whom prioritise our wellbeing, health and general happiness during this not-so-happy week. The box loved by Elle, Grazia and and Sunday Times proves how it helps women’s health around the UK. Expect to find healthy snacks, beauty treatments and period necessities.


Fitty London

If you are new to the subscription box hype and feel totally overwhelmed which one will be best to up your health game… this box is the perfect one for you. It solely caters for those looking to improve their health easily and efficiently… now we can sit back and wait for our health to knock on our doors – literally!  “Good nutrition isn’t just about feeling and look good: it can prevent 95% of disease” – Fitty London.  The health and wellbeing movement has come around the bend faster than any Grand Prix race, and we’re ready for it! Expect it to be filled with healthy snacks, ingredients and drinks to stock your summer cupboards with.

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Healing Boxes

This box is aimed for people with chronic illnesses, sicknesses or any tough time. This is one of a kind subscription box on the market; designed for helping people feel better, bring happiness, up their health and bringing some enjoyment into their lives. Healing Boxes is a great way for those of you who are unable to improve your health, or find it difficult in your current situation. This beautifully intentioned box is supported by Charities and hospices. Filled with home comfort goodies, healthy snacks, inspiration and beauty treatments.

Bluebird Tea Mixology

Bluebird is the baby to love-(blue)-bird’s Krisi and Mike who met at University and founded Bluebird Tea & Co. After opening endless amounts of stores around the UK they set up, not one but 4 optional subscription boxes for people to get their hands on their innovative tea concoctions! Offering Matcha Tea, Loose Tea, Tea bag and Tea Club subscriptions. They provide three new tea’s to try each month ranging from fruit based, plant based and even chocolate based – sign me up!


Office Pantry

Being a full-time student or workaholic, juggling family-life and social life is hard. Trust me. Finding the time to shop, prepare and cook healthy can be difficult and very very time consuming, so you’ll probably find yourself reaching for those quick-fix-snacks (aka ice-cream and crisps) to mull you over until your next snack (maybe chocolate and McDonald’s?). Office Pantry is a perfect resolution for us women who want to be more health conscious and be looking and feeling fine this summer. This life-saver women’s health subscription box is personally tailored for you and your office, (a sharing contract isn’t required, don’t worry),  to fit your needs. Jam packed with healthier optioned snacks, ingredients and drinks to ensure our health is the best it can be!

What do you think of these women’s health subscription boxes? Let us know in the comment section below!

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