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Therapy: Why It’s Actually Beneficial To See A Therapist

Therapy: Why It’s Actually Beneficial To See A Therapist

Therapy: Why It’s Actually Beneficial To See A Therapist

A lot of us have been confronted with the idea of seeing a therapist. Some of us came here by ourselves – through our own realisation of need, unresolved issues, and whatnot; others were confronted with the idea by others – friends, family, lovers or even work/study higher-ups.

Therapy may seem scary and off-putting (opening up to a stranger? Terrifying), or not necessary and, at times, even self-pitiable, if you’re like me; however, if you really think about all the reasons to get therapy, and all the pros you’d reap from that, you might change your mind.

So here I am, trying to help you get there!

It is Not a Diagnosis

A lot of people are scared of going to therapy because they’re convinced that they’re either “not broken enough”, or that they would find out something they’d live easier without knowing.

Here’s where they’re wrong. First of all, there isn’t a bar that you have to reach in order to qualify for therapy – in fact, there’s no need to qualify at all! Therapy often helps people figure their everyday struggles out, regardless of how normal these struggles are, and suggests solutions to things that, no matter how normal, still bother you.

In addition, while a therapist is qualified to diagnose you it doesn’t mean that they will, unless you definitely need medical help. However, if you do need medical help then, perhaps, a diagnosis will only help you in the long run.

Therapy: Why It’s Actually Beneficial To See A Therapist

Help Destigmatise it

As a continuation of the previous point, however, what does it matter whether you get diagnosed or not?

There’s a certain stigma surrounding therapy as it is, and mental illnesses in general. If more neurotypical people took their time to explore mental health and admit that things can, sometimes, be wrong, then a lot of this stigma could be alleviated.

Instead of looking at someone and sneering at how they “need therapy”, ask yourself if, maybe, you need it yourself. That will help everyone, including you yourself, and the person you’re sneering at (and the millions just like them).

Therapy: Why It’s Actually Beneficial To See A Therapist

You Don’t Necessarily Realise Everything

Oftentimes, there are issues that impact your life without your own realisation of said issues. Not only that, but, actually, worse, even if you were made aware of these issues, you would not be able to figure the root of them out by yourself.

That’s okay, that’s how mind is supposed to work – it is specifically, biologically designed to block traumatic experiences out, so that you can exist properly. That being said, however, it still limits your own capability of moving past something – you need the source to be able to resolve an issue at hand.

That’s where therapy is extremely helpful. Your therapist will help you unveil what has been bothering you in the shadows, and will help you come up with solutions.

Besides, therapy is not a lifelong commitment, unless you make it be – if you feel like it truly purposeless, then you are allowed to stop at any time.

It is Important to Let it Out And Let it Go

While opening up to a stranger might, at first, seem scary and even kind of revolting, you will soon find out that it’s often much, much easier.

Your therapist has no ties to your friends, family, co-workers, and bosses; they are only there to listen to you. That means that they have an unbiased approach to the problems at hand.

Besides, that also means that you can trust them with things you wouldn’t tell the people that are a permanence in your life – at the fear of being misunderstood, judged or laughed at. And that’s important – some things have to be shared for you to be able to move on, even if no one that’s close to you would understand. And that’s where your therapy sessions come in.

Remember, needing help is okay, being a bit selfish, sometimes, is okay, and prioritising yourself is okay!

Therapy: Why It’s Actually Beneficial To See A Therapist

Therapy, of course, is a complex issue – there’s a lot of problems that it entails. In some countries, mental health professionals that are actually serious are rare. In others, it’s impossible to get an appointment. Still, it’s worth a shot.

Have you ever gone to therapy? Has it helped you at all? Share your experience with us in the comments below!

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