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The 5 Worst Human Beings in Game Of Thrones

The 5 Worst Human Beings in Game Of Thrones

Game of Thrones is emotional, thrilling and sometimes heartbreaking. Let's go into the worst people presented to us on GOT!

Game of Thrones has created some very honourable characters, some no longer alive, but they present us with loyal people and some all around SHIT people. Let’s go into the worst characters in Game of Thrones and why. (Not much explanation needed if I do say so myself!) 

1. Stannis Baratheon  

Stannis Baratheon, well well well. I mean, it’s hard to remain a good person in a world where everybody Is attacking each other BUT… setting your own daughter on FIRE?! I mean, he treated her so badly and then it murdered her as a sacrifice for the lord of light. Worst father award goes to Stannis Baratheon, for not only being a little bitch but for murdering his own child for no GOOD reasoning at all. Good RIDDANCE.  

2. Joffrey Baratheon 

Joffrey was a little bitch. There, I said it. He thrived off making people miserable, and loved the idea of people being completely afraid of his power, yet when it comes to war where is he? Oh, that’s right, hiding in his tall tower whilst people die protecting someone who simply does not deserve it. Olenna Tyrell saw her opportunity and boy OH boy, did she take it! Although Tyrion was going to be blamed for the brutal death of Joffrey, it was smart and sneaky. Joffrey was a real psycho, and she knew it would just end badly for Margery. Happiest death in Game of Thrones, get in the bin Joffery.  


3. Cersei Lannister 

Does anyone actually like Cersei, apart from Jaime? I mean I get it, she’s your lover/sister, but she’s twisted. Well, I guess Joffrey had to get it from somewhere unless it was the confusing mix of hers and Jaime’s hormones that caused such a toxin for a child. We’ve seen the darkest sides of Cersei, even when we felt a little sorry for her when she was getting pummeled with poo and dirt. I guess she got a taste of her own medicine. She has come across broken when she’s lost things she’s loved, but she has always partially been at fault for their, and she knows it. She’s a guilty woman, who deserves to go just as much as Joffrey. She’s come back in Season 8 with a bang, and shes turned up the bitchiness just for Daenerys, but she’s gotta learn to take what she dishes out. Right? 

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4. Euron Greyjoy. (Brown noser)  

Oh Euron, all he wanted was the power. He had a small taster of power after his successful take over from Yara & her men, and after capturing her. Luckily the escape was successful after Theon grew his balls back, and freed her whilst he was distracted by his desire to get into Cersei’s pants. His desire for power was just too much, and his ego grew more and more as Cersei was feeding him more fuel for the fire. Theon had his bad times, but bloody Euron is a dick. Perfect for a Lannister woman.  


5. Ramsey Bolton. 

Saving the best until last. If you don’t think that Ramsey didn’t deserve his miserable death, then you’re clearly deluded. He was a sick, little psychopath that needed to be put in his place. A lot like Joffrey, Ramsey liked to hide behind whoever he could. Clearly afraid to fight his own battles, which we saw very evidently in ‘Battle of the Bastards’, he will do whatever he can to avoid an actual one v one war with his enemy. His sick mindset is to take away something you treasure so you feel the pain of that loss, a lot like Theon Greyjoy losing his penis and himself in the process of Ramsey’s vindictive torture. Hell is the only place for Ramsey!  

Game of Thrones has such a range of different characters and you form your own opinion for each one. Gradually these are the five worst people I believe have been shown to me through the 8 Seasons of Game of Thrones. I mean, the list could go on if I was to discuss every bad thing anyone has ever done. Right, Daenerys?  Who do you think are the worst people in Game of Thrones? Let’s delve in and discuss the terrible things we believe they’ve done. Go, go, go!  

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