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The Worst Fashion Trends Of The 2000s

The Worst Fashion Trends Of The 2000s

I think it's fair to say that the 2000's was a weird time, so here are some of the worst fashion trends of the era - check them out!

The 2000s was a strange place for fashion, less wasn’t considered to be more, and I don’t think minimalism had been invented yet. We tried to pair belts with everything and took most of our style inspiration from Lizzie McGuire and Hannah Montana. I think it’s fair to say it was a weird time. Here are some of the worst fashion trends of the 2000s.

1.Plastic bracelets

I don’t know if we used to do this because we weren’t allowed to wear bracelets at school or because it actually looked good. But I remember stacking loads of bracelets on my wrist before school and thinking I was so cool.

2. Capri trousers

This is definitely one of the worst fashion trends of all time. I don’t know why this trend managed to stick for as long as it did because the concept of Capri’s doesn’t make any sense. They aren’t trousers and they aren’t shorts, so what are they?


3. Shorts and leggings or long tops with leggings

…and a belt.

A denim pair of shorts, black leggings, a pair of converse shoes and (probably) a white t-shirt. This was peak 2000s fashion culture.

Looking back now, it wasn’t the worst fashion trend but in hindsight, the combo does seem quite odd.


4. Long necklaces

You’d wrap it around your neck once and make it into a choker, then try and pair it with your outfit, regardless of whether it actually went with your outfit or not.

5. Juicy Couture tracksuits

Tbh, this look was kind of socially acceptable then and you’d probably get away with it now, but why would you want to?

6. Dresses over jeans

Specifically, flared jeans with long necklaces and a belt and the belt didn’t really go with the outfit it was just there for the culture.


Luckily this look has evolved in an era where minimalism is now appreciated, and most fashion houses have shown us that this trend can actually look quite cool.

7. A really skinny scarf

Let’s be real, the scarf didn’t keep you warm in the slightest, you just insisted on wearing it because you saw Hannah Montana do it one time.

8. Tiny shoulder bags

Elle Woods from Legally Blonde did this and so did we.


9. Leg warmers

I don’t know if this was just my school, but there was a point in time where we were all obsessed with leg warmers. All the girls at school used to wear fluorescent pink legwarmers under their school trousers and it was less of a fashion trend and more of a right of passage.

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Uggs became the must-have shoe of every season.


In the summer we would wear them with mini-skirts and a simple t-shirt and then in winter, we would style our Ugg’s with skinny jeans and a long cardigan.

We were all obsessed with the ugly shoe.

11.The tied-up cardigan sweater

This trend wasn’t actually that bad and the main use of tied-up cardigan sweaters was to put over dresses. However, looking back, it probably wasn’t the coolest option, but I wore a tied-up cardigan sweater with my prom dress, so the trend did have its uses.


12. Denim on denim

This trend is back in fashion and people have mastered how to wear denim on denim effortlessly.

This trend has been around since 2001, the most popular denim on denim look has to be the time Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears wore matching denim at The American Music Awards (AMA) in 2001. This was ICONIC.

There are so many other trends I could have mentioned like trucker hats, bucket hats, beret’s and cowboy boots but I’ll stop for now. Comment below if you can think of more 2000s worst fashion trends that make you cringe now!

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