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The Ultimate University Of Leeds Bucket List

The Ultimate University Of Leeds Bucket List

I was only in Leeds for a year but there were so many things that I loved doing and so many things that I wished I had more time to do. Here are twenty to do during your time at the University of Leeds.

1. Meet the therapy dogs

There are two therapy dogs that you can meet every Thursday in the Student Union if you need a feline friend to make your day a bit brighter.

2. Check out the Kirkgate markets

Leeds is known its large and famous markets, particularly the Kirkgate markets. They offer a range of things from Monday to Saturday so it’s a great place to go to if you want to do some shopping.


3. Attend the Light Night

Every year, Leeds does an arts and light festival, full of art events for two days. This even includes a large parade at night, which is a treat to see.

4. Check out the Student Union

This huge Union is filled with friendly staff who can help if you have any questions. There are also several spots where they serve food and a few shops too.

5. Shop at Trinity Leeds

This is filled with several shops. If you need to do some shopping, this is the best place to go.


6. Attend a concert at Leeds Town Hall

This town hall has several concerts that run over the course of the year. Their concerts are always to a high and professional standard.

7. Visit the Leeds City Museum

This free museum holds many exhibits to the public all year round. It has so many events throughout the year which is a great place to go if you need a break from studying.

8. Visit Roundhay Park

This park is one of the biggest and most beautiful attractions in Leeds. You may need to catch a bus as its quite far away from the city centre.


9. Take the Meanwood Valley Trail

This scenic trail is a great place to have a walk if you need a break from the city.

10. See a concert operated by Opera North

As a music student, it wasn’t a day at Leeds if I didn’t hear the company Opera North, a music large organisation that runs many concerts and ensembles. They offer a lot of events so check them out when you have the chance.

11. Go to every eatery in the Student Union

There was always a selection of places to eat in the Student Union. Everyone’s No 1 place to go to after a long day, was the Old Bar. It serves a great selection of food and it’s a great pub to be in.


12. Visit the historic arcades

These beautiful arcades are so lovely to be in. It’s a great place if you just want to have a wander.

13. Watch a film at the Hyde Park Picture House

This cinema is the most popular cinema in Leeds. Although it is quite small, its exterior beauty is such a treat to see.

14. Visit the Leeds grand theatre

If you’re a massive fan of culture like me, this is another place I would highly recommend. Its filled with events so have a look when you have the chance.


15. Visit Kirkstall Abbey

This is another great park that is a great place to visit. Full of historic architecture and greenery, it’s a lovely place to explore.

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16. Attend a Research night

The university offers a wide range of talks from researchers both far and wide. If you want to learn more but need a break from you subject, check out some of the talks here.

17. Do an Otley Run

As there are so many pubs in Leeds, many societies do an Otley run, where you go to each pub in one night. It’s a great event to go to if you’re just starting out and would love to meet new people over a drink.


18.Leeds RAG fashion show

This was a huge favourite to a lot of people. If you love fashion, I would highly recommend going.


This little café is a great place to meet up. Plus, its only a few minutes away from the university so if you’re in the mood to go somewhere else for lunch, this is a great place to do it.

20. Art exhibitions by students

Both the University of Leeds and Leeds Art University run art exhibitions full of artwork by students. These are only once a year, so make the most of them while you can.


What do you think of this University of Leeds bucketlist? Let us know if you try it out in the comment section below!

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