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The Ultimate University Of Exeter Bucket List

The Ultimate University Of Exeter Bucket List

The Ultimate University of Exeter Bucket List

Every University is different and students have a unique experience depending where they study. There are different studies, students, and different things to do. Here is the ultimate bucket list for students of the University of Exeter, Penryn Campus.

1. Join a Society

Joining a campus society is a staple of university life, and with so many on offer you’d be silly not to. Penryn Campus has a wide range of societies, from course based ones like English and History, to Harry Potter and Horror Societies. There’s something for everyone, be it sport, entertainment, crafts, and they create a fun way to meet new people with similar interests, and fill your free time. Not to mention they look good on your CV, especially if you make the committee.

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2. Climbing All Those Steps Without Breaking A Sweat

You have to appreciate the small victories in life, even if they seem mundane to others. Being based in Cornwall, Penryn Campus sits atop a hill, meaning getting to campus and to your lectures requires walking up many steps and hills. It’s a small moment of satisfaction when you manage to make it up to campus from Penryn in 15 minutes, or make it up all those steps to your lecture without breaking a sweat and having to hide the fact you’re out of breath, or walk with ease back from Asda to campus with all your shopping. Sometimes its the little things in life.

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3. Attend a Stannary Event

No student experience of Penryn Campus is complete without attending at least one Stannary event. The on campus bar offers a variety of different themed events during the year, from freshers week to graduation. From Halloween and Christmas events, to 80s parties and DJ nights, there’s something for everyone, and though the tickets and drinks can be overpriced, it’s the perfect chance to dress up with your friends and attend a fun party, especially in first year as it requires no travelling. Make sure to attend at least one in your time at Penryn Campus.

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4. Make It Onto Fitfinder

The student fitfinder facebook page for Penryn Campus offers the opportunity for people to seek out attractive people they’d had mere brief contact with, and to make it onto the site is a form of ego-boosting victory. A sure bucket list item for students of Penryn Campus.

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5. Go To Club I

Studying at Penryn Campus is not complete without attending Club International (Club I) at least once. Though it leaves much to be desired, the drinks are cheap, the music plays, and it offers the perfect place to enjoy a night out. You have to visit Club I at least once to fully experience the student night life of Penryn Campus.

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6. Go To The Beach

With the close proximity of Gylly beach to the campus and Falmouth, it would be a crime not to make the use out of it. Spend a sunny Saturday sunbathing with your friends, or even venture further out and enjoy some sea swimming or surfing. The more adventurous amongst you may even want to try cliff jumping. There’s something for everyone, and its the perfect place to relax and capture some beautiful pictures, sure to make your inland friends and family jealous.

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7. Go On A Pub Crawl

Held by numerous campus societies, pub crawls are an excellent way to meet new people and enjoy a night out. Often themed, its a chance to dress up with your friends and explore the local pubs of Penryn and Falmouth, as you get increasingly more drunk. They also frequently entail challenges, which add a fun competitive element to the night.

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8. Pull An All Nighter

Either on purpose or by accident, pulling an all nighter is a staple of university. Be it a night out that leads immediately into a 9am lecture the next day, or a full night of completing an essay before your early deadline, all nighters are vital for the full university experience.

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9. Pub Quiz

Attend a pub quiz with your friends, call yourself a ridiculous team name, and just enjoy yourselves as you answer questions while getting drunk. There are always pub quizzes on, with different themes, so there’s something for everyone.

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10. Support A Uni Sports Team

Support one of the many sports teams at Penryn Campus, such as hockey, rugby, football, and lacrosse as just a handful of examples. Even better, support the annual Bottle Match, a varsity match between CSM and RSM, full of fierce competition and rivalry. Dress in the CSM colours (blue and yellow) and support our teams as they attempt to defeat RSM, either at home or away (alternating each year). These events are sure to fill you with university pride and spirit.

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These are just some of the things to add to your university bucket list if you’re studying at the University of Exeter, Penryn Campus. If you can think of anything else, let us know in the comments below.

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