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The Ultimate Spring Break Workout Routine You Need Now

The Ultimate Spring Break Workout Routine You Need Now

The Ultimate Spring Break Workout Routine You Need Now

It’s that time of year where its all about achieving that summer bod you can show off for the holidays. There are so many different ways to keep in shape for spring break! For the general exersiser, there are a number of high intensity workouts that you can do to get there. Try this full body workout that will get you fit from your head to your toes. Your arms, midsection, your bum and your legs are the main areas you want to focus on to get all of your body in shape for spring break. An effective way to do this is by working your way down the body. Repeat this routine at least three times a week and make sure you’re eating the right foods, and don’t forget to stretch!

The Ultimate Spring Break Workout Routine You Need Now


This arm workout will get rid of any unwanted fat that you may have built up around your arms over the winter period. After this exercise you will have no problem wearing those sleeveless tees or bralettes. You have two options: with or without weights. If you don’t want to use weights you can do push-ups. If these are too demanding then you can have a go at bicep curls. Bicep curls are an efficient exercise which will not only work your forearms but help train your back muscles as well.


If you want to get your belly out without feeling uncomfortable with any flab you may have then this is a good spring break workout for you to try. Shape and tone your mid-section and strengthen your muscles by doing the plank. This exercise takes tolerance, strength and endurance, and you know you’re doing it right when you can feel the burn in your abdominal’s. This is especially good for core conditioning and it works to shape and tone your midsection in the process.



There are a number of great ways to get your bum in shape for the spring break period coming up. Doing squats is a popular spring break workout and is always an effective way to tone your bum. Add in a weight to hold while you’re squatting to really help improve both your upper and lower body strength. Be sure to do a few reps if you really want to see results from your workout. You can also do a high intensity bum workout if you want to lose fat in a short session:

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Doing a workout to help improve your leg muscles is one of the toughest parts of your body to focus on. However if you do it right, the rewards will definitely be worth it. The weather is getting warmer so you want to be able to get those legs out for some much needed sun, and here’s the perfect way to go about it. You can do low intensity exercises like lunges or something more testing like bicycle kicks to not only improve your flexibility but also tone your legs. These exercises also help deal with your lower back and can help improve balance.



To get your full body working at the same time do some Burpees for a duration of 20 seconds with a 10 second break. Do this for about 10 reps Don’t worry, it gets easier as the time goes on! Another one to do is the mountain climbers for the same amount of time over 10 reps. These will get your deltoids, biceps, triceps, chest, obliques, abs, quads, hamstrings and hip abductors all working at the same time for a great full body workout session.

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