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The Ultimate Ranking Of The Best Pizza In London

The Ultimate Ranking Of The Best Pizza In London

This may possibly be the greatest task known to mankind (or at least to pizza lovers!). See below for what is ultimately the best pizza in London.

This may possibly be the greatest and most difficult task known to mankind (or at least to pizza lovers!). But luckily for us, London is an oasis of exquisite pizza, good for everything from hangovers to chic nights out. A pizzeria can always be counted on to provide a good meal for every occasion. But which, you ask, is the greatest? See below for what is ultimately the best pizza in London.

10. Olivia’s Pizza

The Local pizza take away with a difference. As good as any pizza restaurant from the comfort of your own home!


9. Carluccio’s Covent Garden

Known to serve pizza on their spring/summer menu, the Carluccios in Covent Garden is the only branch to serve a simple and delicious pizza. Ideal for a taste of al fresco dining.


8. Bella Mia

With a restaurant in Leicester Square, Bella Mia is the perfect pizza stop off after a day spent exploring London. Cosy and charming, Bella Mia is a cheesy delight!


7. Santa Maria

Whether you eat in or take away, Santa Maria is guaranteed to give you a Londoners taste in Pizza. They have the toppings tailored to a fine art.



6. Rossopomodoro

Also, a fun dining experience as it leaves visitors feeling fuller than they could ever hope to be. A restaurant made complete with rustic and earthy tones.


5. Il Pagliaccio’s

Truly a pizzeria of hidden treasures. Il Pagliaccio’s has a hidden dance floor for hire in the basement and it is complete with a marvellous bar and patio.

4. Pizza @ Home

It’s all in the name. A restaurant so cute and with pizza so delicious, Pizza @ home literally makes customers feel like they are eating the most fabulous pizza at home.



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3. Strada

Possibly the chicest pizza in London. Even despite its flatter base, it leaves customers feeling full.



2. Made in Italy

Based in the heart of Chelsea, this restaurant is a close second as it comes with a rooftop garden and a bar. Made in Chelsea meets Made in Italy!


1. Pizza Pilgrims

The hands down winner. The ultimate pizza bae. Wonderfully flat based and with a variety of exciting toppings tailored to your personality, Pizza Pilgrims leaves customers fully satisfied while yearning for more. Pizza Pilgrims also boasts the coolest restaurant you’ll ever see; with wall art drawn by customers on old pizza boxes, pin ball machines and celebrity card board cut outs. Even Kate Moss is a fan!

Where else can we find the best pizza in London? Let us know in the comments below!
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