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The Ultimate Ranking Of Student Accommodation At University Of Lincoln

The Ultimate Ranking Of Student Accommodation At University Of Lincoln

The University of Lincoln has a lot of great student accommodation... and some not so great. Here's a bit of information to help you choose!

Moving away for uni is a big step. Choosing where you’re going to live without your parents can be a tough choice and the University of Lincoln has a lot to choose from.

10) Hayes House

It may only be a ten minute walk from campus but it’s quite a trek to the nearest supermarket. That might not seem a big deal but wait until it’s Friday night, you’ve had a long week at uni, and you realise your cupboards are empty! The en-suites are wet rooms (and no one wants a wet room that small) and students claim there’s no sense of community. However, it’s pay quality for what you pay for.

9) Pavilions

“Pavs” may just be five minutes from campus but that seems to be one of the few redeeming qualities. They don’t reply to emails promptly, the maintenance and management are ignorant and useless and the Wi-Fi drops for at least 20 minutes a day.

8) Lincoln Courts

Courts aren’t much better. The close proximity to uni doesn’t make up for the white brick walls that make it feel less homely and more like a prison. According to Student Crowd, this isn’t a great place to live if you’re tall. The showers aren’t adjustable so you’ll never be able to wash your hair. But all-in-all, they could be worse.

7) Brayford Quay

This is the one that often gets forgotten about even though it’s the closest to Nando’s and Spoons. Someone on Student Crowd said “it’s overpriced and severely below average” but it seems to depend on your room. Some are great, some sub-par. On the upside, there’s security 24/7 and a free on-site gym to accompany the spacious bedrooms.

6) Saul House

This is one for the introverts. It looks cool from the outside, which is probably its main selling point. It’s also close to uni and benefits from spacious en-suites that aren’t wet rooms! Unfortunately, this small building doesn’t allow for a great social life unless you out a lot of effort in.

5) Park Courts

The small rooms with thin walls are made tolerable by the very comfy beds and a strong Wi-Fi connection. It’s a 15-minute walk from campus and that’s what makes it less pricey. The friendly reception staff make Park Courts feel all the more homely.

4) The Junxion

Junxion is in a great location – smack bang in the middle of campus and the city centre. It’s close enough to uni that you can sometimes connect to Eduroam when the building’s Wi-Fi inevitably drops (though Eduroam isn’t much better). Junxion can either be perfect or a mess; It all depends on whether your room has recently been refurbished.

3) The Gateway

 Gateway actually has enough cupboard room for all your a flatmates! It’s not the cheapest but it’s only a five minute walk to uni and even less to Maccies! What’s better than grabbing a breakfast wrap and a latte on your way to a 9am?

2) Danesgate

This block is newly refurbished. It’s also the furthest from campus but that’s the price you pay for fast Wi-Fi it seems. The rooms aren’t huge but they’re not too cramped and the modern kitchens make up for it.

1) Cygnet Wharf

Cygnet is the newest addition to the uni’s accommodation. It’s also on campus, so close to the uni building that you can roll right out of bed and into your lecture. Cygnet is modern and clean throughout, with very spacious and desirable kitchens. The bedrooms are a little small but there’s plenty of storage space. But with nursery right next door, be prepared to be woken up by loud children.

Wherever you live at uni, you’ll have something to complain about. You’ll see the downside in anywhere you live. But you’re only there for a year so suck it up.
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