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The Ultimate Ranking Of Freshman Halls At Oxford Brookes

The Ultimate Ranking Of Freshman Halls At Oxford Brookes

Oxford Brookes offers a wide range of freshman living halls. That being said, we've decided to rank them all from best to worst!

For all of the students living at Oxford Brookes there is definitely a sense of family within the accommodation that you choose to live in, whether that be at Harcourt Hill or the Mews. It creates a bond for the rest of the year, the people you will be going on nights out with, sharing a bathroom (maybe) with and also looking after when they’re hungover. This is the ultimate ranking of Freshman Halls at Oxford Brookes:

1. Beech House

First on the list for the Ultimate Ranking of Oxford Brookes Freshman Halls is Beech House. This is the newest accommodation to be opened, with it only being habited for a year. This is home to double beds galore, nice kitchens and an easy 0.5 mile stroll into Headington Campus. One of the nicest accommodations at Oxford Brookes, this is the one you wish to get!

2. Cheney

Cheney is the home of Ferraris on the drive and Calvin Klein in the sheets. The rich own Cheney and aren’t afraid to flaunt it in their designer wear and expensive brand alcohol! Cheney is the closest accommodation to the sports centre, the sports bar and the sports courts! This doesn’t mean you have to be active though, many Cheney lads can be seen in the sports bar at any time of the day. With this being the closest accommodation to the University, you can wake up for a 9am at 8:58 and still make it.


3. Slade Park

In the Ultimate Ranking of Oxford Brookes Freshman Halls, Slade Park is definitely one of the best. With lovely kitchens, colourful landings and nice bathrooms it is worth the extra cost for WiFi and the trek to Headington on the U5 in the mornings. However, be prepared to be waking up at 7am for a 9am, Oxford traffic is lethal in the mornings…

4. The Mews Studio

With a studio apartment you have hit the jackpot. No annoying flatmates, no messy kitchen (unless you left it like that) and no sharing a bathroom with anyone. The Mews Studio apartments really are some of the best accommodation at Oxford Brookes, they give you your freedom with out the annoying flatmates!

5. Thames Street

Thames Street is the only accommodation in Central Oxford worth visiting. It is modern, pretty and right next to the train station. However, it only has a single bed and is very expensive a week. But think of the parties you could have after Bridge here…


6. Clive Booth En Suite

Clive Booth is one of the oldest accommodations, it is home to scratches, broken doors and years and years of memories. One of the best things about Clive Booth is that you don’t have to worry about getting charged for breaking things, because everything is broken anyway. From old dusty curtains to beds that are barely standing, Clive Booth is one of the most popular student flats because it is a legend in history for some of the best nights.

7. Clive Booth Non En Suite

If you are less lucky and manage to get a spot in the non en suite then you hope to be lucky that they will be normal sharing adults that like clean bathrooms. These are some of the most sociable accommodations in the whole of Oxford Brookes, with a shared kitchen and a shared bathroom people really get to know each other quickly!

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8. Westminster Hall

Westminster is modern, and has a nice view of the countryside because it is way out in Harcourt Hill. Huge sports facilities, lots of working space and even car parking (the golden ticket in Oxford). However, you are miles away from being near central Oxford and have a duel carriageway next to your accommodation, it is a diamond in the rough.

9. Paul Kent Hall

Ranking down the bottom of the list for the ultimate dorms at Oxford Brookes is Paul Kent Hall. Paul Kent is like Clive Booth but miles away from anywhere. On a night out if you hear someone say they are from Paul Kent you swiftly try to find someone closer, and pretend that you actually know where Paul Kent is in Oxford.

10. Crescent Hall

At the bottom of the list is Crescent Hall. Out of date, crumbling and miles away from anywhere, Crescent Hall is one for you if you prefer to stay in and socialise with your flatmates. Crescent Hall is the one that you pick last on the accommodation list because you think you are definitely going to get your first pick. Tough luck, and thank you for taking one for the team!

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