The Ultimate Ranking Of Fresher Halls At University Of Manchester

If you're a fresher at the University of Manchester, then you definitely want to know the best halls to stay at on campus. Here's the scoop!

When you’re moving to a new place, it’s often hard to find the right place to live. Do you want to be in the party halls? Or somewhere quieter? This is the ultimate ranking of Halls at the University of Manchester!

Ashburne Hall

Ashburne Hall is a mixture of catered and self-catered, undergraduate and postgraduate rooms. These rooms are quite large and are situated in the heart of Fallowfield. If you’re looking for somewhere that’s quiet, god for working and maybe some simple community socialising then Ashburne Hall is for you. The rooms vary in price, starting at £123 a week, which at the moment is a very reasonable price.

Burkhardt House

Burkhardt House is an en-suite hall within the large Hulme Halls, this hall shares the sporting and social facilities with Hulme Hall. It is self-catered, costs £140 a week, and is located in the Victoria Park Campus. The flats sleep 8-10 people and have huge kitchens with 4 hobs, 2 fridge-freezers and lots of space.


Canterbury Court

Canterbury Court is a spacious self-catered hall, located in Victoria Park. This halls does not have Wi-Fi in the bedroom, but is known for having a very active Resident’s Association who organise events throughout the year. The weekly rent for one en-suite room is £140, the shared living space is large and has plenty of space for socialising.

This is one of the best hall at the University of Manchester!

Dalton-Ellis Hall

Dalton-Ellis is a quiet hall with a variety of room choices. All of the rooms are catered, with the lowest price being £96 a week for a shared twin room. These rooms are a mix of en-suite and non-en-suite rooms, in the non-en-suite flats, there are roughly five students sharing a bathroom. Dalton-Ellis is quite quiet halls, which will serve the student who isn’t looking to party every night and would like a quiet first year.


Hulme Hall

Hulme Hall is a halls with a sense of community. The JCR are very active and host a lot of events throughout the year to help make Hulme Hall very social. This Halls also hosts regular formal dinners in their catering hall. These rooms do not have en-suite bathrooms, but do have sinks in the bedrooms. This hall is located in Victoria Park, so is walking distance from the university but is a quiet hall.

Oak House

Oak House is one of the famous party halls. If you want your first year to be constant late-night revelling and early morning bin lorry wake ups, then Oak House is the halls for you. The rooms are small and simple, with 8 people to a flat. These rooms are not en-suite, and only some of them have sinks in the bedrooms. However, they have a very large social area and communal kitchen. They are very cheap rooms, with prices costing only £99 a week.

This is one of the best hall at the University of Manchester!


Manchester Gardens (Opal Gardens)

University of Manchester Gardens is a quiet, gated hall. The rooms are spacious and the flats are small, with only four people per flat, there is no WiFi in these flats. These flats are self-catered and cost from £136 a week. These flats are located in Victoria Park, and are a quiet option. Manchester Gardens has a nice garden area with benches and a barbeque as well as a common room and a launderette.

Owens Park

Owens Park is the other notorious party halls in the heart of Fallowfield. This halls is catered and includes the tower, the 18-floor tower block of halls. The rooms all have sinks and each flat of 12 has a small shared kitchen for snacks and lunch meals. Each flat is of mixed gender, but the genders are split up on separate floors.

Richmond Park

Richmond park is one of the most popular halls at the University of Manchester. These rooms are self-catered, en-suite and are in Fallowfield. They cost £140 a week and are located behind Owens Park. Each flat houses eight students, each block houses eight flats. These halls have their own amenity block, with a common room and launderette.


This is one of the best hall at the University of Manchester!

See Also

Saint Gabriel’s Hall

Saint Gabriel’s Hall is a single sex hall in Victoria Park. It has a community feel and is quite small, the hall has facilities for residents to study.  It is a catered hall, with a small number of en-suite rooms. For an en-suite room, it will cost £180 a week.


Sheavyn House

Sheavyn House is another very popular halls in Fallowfield. It is one of the newer blocks of housing and the interiors reflect this. All of the rooms are en-suite, self-catered and cost £141 a week. Sheavyn House has its own grounds which you can run around to your heart’s content. Sheavyn Hall is connected to Ashburne Hall, as the two halls of residents share amenities.

Whitworth Park

Whitworth Park is located on the city campus and is part of the main university campus. The facilities of this halls includes squash courts, a bar, a gym, a dance hall and a laundrette. Each flat houses up to nine people, they are self-catered and have shared bathrooms. If you want somewhere nearer to town with a good atmosphere for both socialising and study then Whitworth Park is for you. This is definitely one of the best halls at the University of Manchester!

This is one of the best hall at the University of Manchester!


Woolton Hall

Woolton Hall is a mixture of catered and self-catered accommodation hidden behind Oak House in Fallowfield. This hall has a great sense of community and a lot of activities organised by the Junior Common Room Committee. There are 15 rooms in a corridor, sharing a kitchen and bathroom. This halls also has a dining room, TV room, library, bar and music room.

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