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The Ultimate Morning Skin Care Routine

The Ultimate Morning Skin Care Routine

The origins to good make up is hidden within your skin care! Here are some of the best skin care products for your morning skin care routine!

If you’re anything like me on a Monday morning, it’s very easy to neglect your moisturiser for an extra minute in bed. But don’t be fooled into thinking you can skimp on a skin care routine. Not only can it hydrate and help prevent wrinkles and fight dark spots, but it also works as the perfect base for your makeup. All you need to do is follow this ultimate morning skincare routine for a flawless, dewy complexion.

1. Down A Glass Of Water

No fancy potions needed for this easy step. A night’s sleep can leave you dehydrated, so combat it by gulping down a glass as soon as you wake up. Remember: no cream can hydrate you from the outside if you’re dehydrated on the inside. Suffer from spots? Water has the added bonus of warding off pimples too (please excuse me while I refill my bottle).

2. Cleanse

As gross as it sounds, a night under the duvet can lead to a build up of sweat overnight. A good morning cleanse can ensure pores are cleared, plus a splash of water will just about banish any grogginess.


3. Tone

Clear away any residual dirt by sweeping the product across your face on a cotton wool pad.

4. Serum

Start with the more water-based products first. These products are easily absorbed by the skin and struggle to penetrate thicker creams. Stuck for choice? Try the Body Shop’s Vitamin E serum for an inexpensive way to gloriously soft skin.


5. Eye cream

It’s never too early to start using eye cream. Keeping the delicate area around your eyes hydrated from a young age with help to ward off premature wrinkles. Simply dab the product gently under your peepers.

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6. Moisturiser

Don’t let oiliness put you off using moisturiser – it’s a must, no matter what your skin type is. While you may wish to adjust your products depending on your skin’s needs, in general a lighter moisturiser should be used during the day, and a slightly richer product before bed.


7. SPF

Yes, I know we live in the UK. Yes, I know the sun doesn’t seem to like us, but SPF is non-negotiable. Not only does it fend off premature wrinkles, but it has been proven to reduce your risk of skin cancers. So dab it on top of your moisturiser and you can thank me later. If you prefer, moisturisers with added SPF are also good options.

What is your morning skin care routine? Leave a comment in the section below!

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