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The Ultimate Montreal Bucket List

The Ultimate Montreal Bucket List

We've put together the best Montreal bucket list so that you know everything you need to do the next time you visit this Canadian city!

Montreal is a beautiful city that many people have fallen in love with – and for good reason. It is a unique blend of European and American culture that has resulted in a very exciting city. With so many things to do and places to see, you should definitely consider coming back for a round two, because Montreal will never fail to intrigue you. We’ve put together the ultimate Montreal bucket list, but don’t forget that there are many other things that this incredible place has to offer!

1. Experience the Montreal Fireworks Festival

When and where: June-July, Parc Jean-Drapeau

This isn’t just your regular fireworks display – the Montreal Fireworks Festival is one of the largest and most prestigious festivals of its kind. You can witness an incredible display of talent without having to pay a penny for this entertainment. Some of the best places to watch the competition from include Jacques Cartier Bridge, Longueuil, and the Old Port.


2. Try some Orange Julep

When and where: Mon-Sun 8am-3am, 7700 Decarie Boulevard

This giant orange-shaped fast food restaurant also doubles up as a famous Montreal attraction – it is about 3 floors high and has a diameter of 40 feet. What does this Julep drink taste like, you may ask? Even though many people claim to have discovered the true recipe, it still remains a secret to this day, so the only to find out what it’s like is to add it to your Montreal bucket list and try it for yourself.

3. Watch a Habs game at the Bell Centre

When and where: throughout the year, 1909 Avenue des Canadiens-de-Montréal


Chances are, you’ll be faced with tons of people complaining about the price of the beer and you’ll probably end up joining in their anger towards the end of the match. However, we can guarantee that you’ll enjoy the game – after all, seeing the Habs (also known as the Montreal Canadians) play at their home stadium is a sight to remember.

4. Observe the city from Mount Royal

When and where: throughout the year, H2W 1S8

Mount Royal is definitely one of the most beautiful places in the entire city. Regardless of the time of year, you’ll be absolutely mesmerised by its peaceful nature and the stunning views of the city that open up from above. It would be best to leave your car behind and simply hike or cycle to the top of Mount Royal. Also, don’t forget to bring your camera!


5. Visit the Atwater Market

When and where: Mon-Sun, 138 Atwater Avenue

There are lots of delicious food market in Montreal, but Atwater is my personal favourite. With tons of incredible fresh produce to choose from, you’ll be torn between all of the things that you could have for lunch. I would highly recommend visiting them in the morning for the perfect breakfast experience. You should also consider buying food to go, so that you could cook a delicious meal entirely out of Atwater produce. You have to add this to your Montreal bucket list.

6. Explore the city’s La Ronde

When and where: throughout the year, 22 Chemin Macdonald

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This incredible amusement park is the perfect place to go during your trip to Montreal. With a variety of rides to suit all ages, La Ronde is the second largest recreational park in all of Canada and the largest in Quebec. Be sure to ride the Goliath hyper coaster, otherwise your trip to La Ronde won’t count!

7. Try some local foods

When and where: throughout the year, across the city


Some of the first foods that come to mind are a smoked meat sandwich, poutine, and a bagel. Montreal is very well known for a variety of delicious dishes, but these three should definitely be your top priority when you visit this city. It would be pointless to suggest the best places at which to try these foods because everyone is still arguing over it, so why not discover your favourite cafes and restaurants for yourself?

8. Participate in Canada Day celebrations

When and where: July 1st, across the city

What better way to acquaint yourself with local culture than to become fully immersed in the country’s most important celebration! On July 1st Canadians celebrate the unification of its three separate provinces into one whole. With tons of festivities for you to participate in and lots of delicious food to try out, Canada Day is definitely something that you should experience in Montreal.

Have you ever been to Montreal? What on your Montreal bucket list? Let us know below!
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