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The Ultimate Liverpool Hope University Bucket List

The Ultimate Liverpool Hope University Bucket List

We have created the ultimate Liverpool Hope University bucket list for you to experience and enjoy your new city!

Moving to a new city can be one of the most challenging and exciting times of your life. I know it was for me! Being from a small town, going to Liverpool Hope University was a big step considering I hadn’t lived in a city before, so I didn’t know what to expect! So, here is the ultimate bucket list of things to do whilst going to university in Liverpool! Don’t miss out!

1. Liverpool One

One word. Shopping!

In the heart of the city centre, so you can’t miss it! Liverpool One is the ultimate shopping place for basically everything! Whether you want high street shopping or high end shopping, Liverpool One is the place!


Need a break from all that retail therapy? Head on up to The Terrace where you are treated to a range of different restaurants, some including TGI’s, Wagamama, Pizza Express, Las Iguanas, and many more!

2. Royal Albert Dock

One of Liverpool’s most well known and historic attractions, the Royal Albert Dock is located at Liverpool’s favourite waterfront! The perfect summer stroll location! Liverpool’s Royal Albert Dock offers something for everyone to enjoy!

Take a  walk around, enjoy the views, indulge in the history, eat and drink in the many bars and restaurants offered, or even just take a quick coffee break in the quirky cafe’s! And if you really want to make the most of the views, Liverpool’s Royal Albert Dock has it’s very own big wheel so you can take in them views from a height!


Don’t forget the festive periods either! Royal Albert Dock’s host a range of events and displays to celebrate festivities like Bonfire Night and Christmas! Keep an eye on what’s happening!

3. Museums & Galleries

Now depending on what course you take at Liverpool Hope University, you will probably have to head down to one of Liverpool’s many museums or galleries for a little field trip!


I know, I know, museums and art galleries can be a little bit boring, I suppose it depends on the type of person you are. But if you fancy a break from the library or your computer, and a museum fits your course, it’s better than sitting at a desk right?

The Walker Art Gallery is home to some of the finest art masterpieces and exhibitions, both historic and contemporary. The perfect place to visit if you are a lover of art and art history!

The World Museum, the best place in Liverpool to find out things about, well, the world and all of it’s history!


The Museum of Liverpool holds everything you need to know about the history of Liverpool and what makes your university’s city so great, with special recognition to The Beatles of course!

The Merseyside Maritime Museum, located on the Royal Albert Dock, you’ll find out everything you need to know about the port of Liverpool. This museum even includes exhibitions of The Titanic and also is home to The International Slavery Museum on the upper floors!

These are just a few examples of the different museums Liverpool offer, and you never know, you might find one or two really interesting!


4. Anfield

Calling all football fans! Anfield is the home to Liverpool FC, the sixth largest football stadium in England! Whether you are a Liverpool FC supporter or not, get a taste of Liverpool by going to one of the football matches and experiencing the lively atmosphere! Fingers crossed they win!

Anfield also offers a stadium tour! The perfect gift and activity to do with your friends and even family if they come to visit!

5. The Cavern Club

Going to Liverpool Hope University and being in the city of The Beatles, you NEED to visit The Cavern Club! The most famous club in the world since the 1950’s, where some of the most famous music identity’s were founded!


Situated in the heart of Mathew Street, The Cavern is the perfect lively location for a good day session, with live music being played from afternoon through to the evening.

6. Ghetto Golf

Liverpool’s number one crazy, mini golf experience! Ghetto Golf takes mini golf to a whole new level!


Ghetto Golf is one of Liverpool’s most exciting venues as this is not just your average 18 hole crazy, mini golf course! Ghetto Golf also includes it’s very own cocktail bar, alongside live music being played by the top local DJ’s to give players the best atmosphere and the ultimate crazy golf experience!

Had enough of golfing? Head on out to the outside bar where you will be able to relax, have a drink and even order some of the amazing, delicious street food they offer! This exciting and crazy venue is covered with graffiti work and street art to give the experience a unique street edge.

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7. Concert Square

The ULTIMATE party night out.Whether you go to Liverpool Hope University, Liverpool John Moores, University of Liverpool, everyone knows Concert Square is the number one student place to go clubbing. The cities best nightlife!

Enjoy a range of bars and clubs, and get those drinks and dance moves flowing!


8. Roxy’s Ball Room

Need a break from studying? Fed up of looking at the same four walls? Roxy’s Ball Room is the place for you and a group of friends to relax and have fun!

I know what you’re thinking, a ballroom, as in dancing, right? Wrong. Roxy’s Ball Room is the best student pre-drinking venue in Liverpool. Hosting a range of different games including BEER PONG (I know right, amazing), pool tables, ping pong and shuffleboard, Roxy’s Ball Room is the perfect place to have some fun with friends or get you ready and hyped for a night out!

9. Smithdown Road Festival

Not your ordinary festival! Smithdown Road Festival is basically a big street bar crawl, full of students!Live music is featured in all bars, pubs and cafes on Smithdown Road, a whole weekend of pure entertainment and day drinking!


With Smithdown being the number one student area to live, Smithdown Road Festival is the perfect opportunity to make new friends! You’ll be surprised at how many neighbours you find!

10. Baltic Market

Calling all food lovers! THE best range of street food in Liverpool. The Baltic Market is a venue full of different street food stalls. Offering a range of dishes including American, Italian, Korean, Vietnamese and of course dessert, there is something for everyone!


Thirsty after all of that food? Don’t stress, the Baltic Market features a bar, offering a range of drinks to compliment your choice of food. Also hosting a range of DJ’s to pump up the atmosphere, sit back, relax and take in the lively atmosphere whilst indulging in ranges of street food from around the world!

Attended Liverpool Hope University? Do you know any more amazing places that can be added to the bucket list? Comment some ideas below!

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