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The Ultimate List Of What To Pack For A Day At The Beach

The Ultimate List Of What To Pack For A Day At The Beach

If you're wondering what to pack for a day at the beach, we have the list for you! These are all the things you need to take with you on that next beach trip! We've got you covered from snacks, floaties, towels, and more!

Making a fun and relaxing time out of a day at the beach requires a few props. A few essentials will ensure that you have all the things you need to pamper, entertain, and protect. Whether it is a day out at the beach alone, or with a group, my list of what to pack for a day at the beach will definitely be one to remember!

1. Sunscreen

If you’re wondering what to pack for a day at the beach, let’s start with a basic. Sunscreen is absolutely essential in ensuring the health of your skin under the baking summer sun. Not only does it prevent painful sunburns, it also protects the health of your skin by reducing the risk of skin cancer. Especially important for those sun bunnies that like to tan, or like to spend all day in the ocean surfing or swimming, pick a sunscreen with high SPF and make reapplying regularly your ritual.


2. Sunglasses

Keeping out the harsh sun rays so you won’t have to keep squinting your eyes, and a fashionable accessory piece all in one? Sunglasses are the way to go. Not only are they a great statement piece that will spruce up your beach-going ensemble, they are also the way to go to protect your delicate eyes from the harsh UV rays. Also make sure to bring a pair that has polarised lenses to get maximum protection!

3. Beach towel

A nice big beach towel will not only keep you dry after a nice cold dip int he ocean, it will also keep you comfortable and sand free if you just want to sit down for a break, or lay down for some quality tanning time. Having a nice comfortable big beach towel will keep you cozy and dry.

4. Inflatable floaties

Who says that pink flamingo and chocolate doughnut inflatable floatie only belongs in the pool? Pack it along with you to the beach for a fun ride in the waves! Not only are floaties great for a fun time in the water, they are also great to simply lie down on and float and tan. No sand, and being rocked by the waves is definitely a calming experience. Just be sure to make sure you keep an eye on where you are floating, or have a friend spot you so you don’t float out too far.


5. Drinks

Having a sip of a cold drink on a hot day at the beach is an amazing sensation. If you are making a beach trip with a group, coordinate and pack an ice box to keep all those drink fresh, cool, and refreshing. Make an effort to pack drinks with the added electrolyte benefit to restore all the salts and vitamins your body needs after sweating it all out in the heat. My personal favourite is coconut water!

6. Snacks

Along the same vein, pack some food to keep you sustained throughout the day at the beach. Even if you plan on having meals by the beach, having a selection of smaller snacks throughout the day is perfect if you are feeling peckish. Not to mention, sharing food is a great way to bond. Have all your friends each pack something different you can all try. Another tip is to make use of that ice box and keep all your snacks in there.

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7. Beach ball

Even if you are heading to the beach alone, pack a beach ball with you. If you even get tired of tanning, bring out the beach ball and start a game with some others at the beach! Not only is this a fun game to play, it is also a great way to make some new friends and get in that cardio workout.

8. Aloe vera

When wondering what to pack for a day at the beach this is one one of the most important for those who to like to spend hours under the scorching sun. Make it a habit to apply some to your skin after a long day in the sun even if you may not feel like you are sunburnt and that you’ve reapplied your sunscreen consistently. Aloe vera is a great cooling agent that will soothe your skin after a long day out at the beach.


Did this help you figure out what to pack for a day at the beach? Let us know in the comment section below!

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