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The Ultimate List Of Things To Take To Uni

The Ultimate List Of Things To Take To Uni

If you're heading off to your first year at University, packing can be hard! This is your ultimate list of things to take to Uni to help you pack!

You’re off to Uni, congratulations! The best three years of your life are about to start. The hardest thing about first year is deciding what to take with you and what to leave at home. You’ve spent the last 18 years collecting items, but is the pair of shoes you bought for your first school disco really necessary? Unless you’re moving from the busy city life to the country side, there will still be shops where you’re going, so it’s easy enough to buy things when you get there. If you are moving into a student accommodation there is a 100% chance that you will end up with six of everything if not more. There are some things that are more important to take than others. Here’s your ultimate list of things to take to Uni that hopefully will help you out!

Bedroom Essentials

1. Bed Sheets

2. Duvet/Pillow Cases


3. Coat Hangers

4. Laundry Basket

5. Photo Decor

6. Door Stop

7. Ear Plugs

8. Clothes

Bathroom Essentials

9. Towels

10. Medicine

11. Straightener/Blowdryer

12. Wash Bag; Toothpaste, Tooth Brush, Shampoo etc.

13. Makeup Organiser

14. Condoms

Kitchen Essentials*


15. Plastic Dining Set (Bowls, Plates, Cups, Silverware)

16. Baking Trays


17. Drinking Glasses


18. Tupperware


*Be prepared to buy all this again in second semester, it’ll either go missing at pre-drinks or you’ll eat in someone else’s flat and forgot to take it back to your own.

Everyday Essentials

19. Your Laptop

20. Headphones


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21. USB Memory Stick


22. Mini Portable Speaker

23. Water Bottle With Filter


24. Deck Of Cards (easily turned into drinking games)

25. Stationary

Important Documents

26. Passport

27. Provisional/Driving Licence

28. Student Finance Details

29. Bank Details

30. Student Discount Cards; Rail Cards, NUS Cards etc.

Use this list as a step by step guide when packing to separate the needs from the wants. Some items are more important than others and some you’ll want just for fun. You can also use this article to see the best items that any student could possibly need for uni!

Are there any more items that should be on this list of things to take to uni? Share in the comments below!
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