The Ultimate List Of The Best Affordable Makeup Products

Looking flawless shouldn't break the bank. Here is the ultimate list of the best affordable makeup products that are just as good as the high-end products!

It’s easy to get carried away when you’re shopping for makeup. You watch five videos with five impossibly beautiful women all telling you, you really need this thing; it’s life or death, now or never. You may end up looking like a complete potato on your gal’s night out or people mistaking you for Beyoncé. It’s really a hit or a miss. But, if you get sucked into this for a while you’ll find that you’ve got a make up table (or in my case a really sturdy plastic bag) full of make up and not much money for anything else. So, here is the ultimate list of the best affordable makeup products to help you look flawless without breaking the bank!

1. Sleek Contour Kit

Having cheekbones so sharp you can chop your veggies with them is the secret desire some women harbour. But, it doesn’t have to cost you two weeks worth of food shopping to get it. Sleek, is a readily available make up brand that has everything you could ever need. They have a beautiful long lasting contour palettes suited to most shades with a stunning highlight included. The best part, they only cost £6.99!


2. MUA Blush

Make Up Academy’s line is one of great value proving that finding cheap good quality make up is not a ridiculous fantasy. Their range of blushes for £1 is proof of that. Go pick one up now! Or three. They cost a pound each after all, no need to skimp.

3. PS Pro Mascara

I don’t think any of us ever think “great make up” and immediately think “Yeah, Primark is the place to go”. But you’d be surprised. I don’t know about you, but shelling out £30 for a mascara makes me mad to just think about. So, I decided to march myself into Primark to try and find a mascara that really worked. And I succeeded.


Primark’s PS Pro line has long been praised by brave beauty vloggers who did full faces of it for views and actually discovered they were quite pleased with the end result. I’m here to say it’s not all just for show. The PS Pro mascara is genuinely my favourite go to mascara. The wand is pretty thin and the bristles short and it transforms my non-existent stubby lashes in seconds. Well worth the £3!

4. Make Up Revolution Eyeshadow Palettes

I have had to rewind a lot when watching beauty videos. “You paid HOW much?” Here’s the thing: you don’t have to spend £50 on an eye shadow palette. If you’ve got the extra cash laying about, then sure. But if you can’t remember the last time you or your parents won the lottery, then maybe go for the cheap version.

Make Up Revolution is a great place to go for this. Their eye shadow palettes are pigmented, varied and drop dead gorgeous. Most of them cost just £8 and that’s a number I can get on board with.


5. MUA Transluscent Powder

Setting your face is a pretty important part of the make up process; unless your aim is to look like a glazed donut. But if you’re wanting to achieve the “matte” look, then a translucent powder is the way to go. Look no further than MUA; one of the biggest pioneers of the cheap, good quality make up movement. Their products are always reliably great and perfect for the frugal shopper.

6. Primark Lip Gloss

Despite the matte liquid lipstick trend the beauty scene has been going through for a while, there’s a time and place where you just need a glossy lip. Such as, a 90’s themed party, a non-windy day where you are sure your hair won’t decided to attach yourself to your newly glossed lips, or maybe just a time where you don’t want your lips to feel like you’ve been stranded in the Sahara desert for 2 weeks now.

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Primark’s lip gloss is something I admit I picked up in a moment of desperation when I decided I didn’t trust any of the lip colours. But I was surprised to find a lip gloss that was really pigmented and stayed on a surprisingly long time. When the inevitable event of my lip gloss fading occurred, it did so in a way that there was some pigment on my lips for a while before it disappeared completely. It’s a definite steal!


7. The Ordinary Serum Foundation

If you have ever so much as glanced at beauty YouTube, you know who The Ordinary are. They are a beauty company that makes amazing quality cruelty free products. One of these is the highly coveted foundation they released a few months back. The Serum foundation, which is a light to medium coverage, is light weight, natural looking and I didn’t have to shell out a fortune (just £5.99) to have it. But be warned, their waiting list is huge so you may be waiting a long time.


The pressure to have it all in your makeup bag has increased as of late. It’s fine to not bother, but if you want to get into the ever evolving world of make up, just know there are some brands that are cheap without sacrificing quality!

Are there any other affordable makeup products that should be on this list!? Share in the comments below!

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