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The Ultimate Lazy Workout Routine

The Ultimate Lazy Workout Routine

Too broke for a gym membership you probably won't use? Feeling unmotivated by IG fitness pages? Don't worry: this is the ultimate lazy workout routine.

Too broke for a gym membership you probably won’t use? Feeling unmotivated by Instagram fitness pages? Feeling a little bit lazy? Don’t worry. We’ve all experienced those weeks (or months) when exercising just doesn’t happen. To be honest, there’s a lot of pressure with expectations to look good whilst you exercise or to already be at a certain level of fitness before you join a class. Well, we don’t expect you to feel any pressure to look good or go all out in pursuit of a healthier body. To be done throughout the day, preferably while you’re doing something else, THIS is the ultimate lazy workout routine.

Pre-Shower Squats.

It’s early on the morning (is it?) and you’re waiting for your shower to heat up. Find a space in your bathroom, or just outside it, and do 2×20 squats, 20 fast and 20 deep for a toned bum and thighs. Remember to keep your legs no more than shoulder-width apart and keep your arms either at chest height or straight up. This will help your back stay aligned and straight and it really adds to the burn in your buttocks. When you’re done, your shower should be hot enough to step into, no fuss!

Stove Calf Raises.

If you’ve ever been stood over the stove stirring or waiting for water to boil, you know it can be like watching paint dry. So instead of just standing there, rise onto your tippy toes and then slowly lower yourself back down. Doing so should create a tight sensation in your calf muscles. For more shapely calves, do 3×10 reps.


If You’re Still at the Stove…

..side leg raises! Like the opening scenes of Being Mary Jane, stood at a counter stirring tea or buttering toast, doing leg raises out to the side it great for your thighs, hips and side booty. Do 2×20 reps on each side if you have enough time. You can even do the same exercise but with your leg out behind you to further tone your bum and give it a bit of a lift.

Audio Double Leg Raises.

This one is perhaps the hardest but most fulfilling exercise. With your favourite audiobook, podcast or music lay on the floor/ carpet with a cushion under your bottom for comfort. Place your hands just under your tailbone and make a diamond shape with your thumbs and index fingers. Keeping your back completely flat against the ground, slowly lift your legs together without bending them until they are perpendicular or straight up. Slowly lower them. You should feel your abs start working. Do 2×20 reps. You can start easier and keep your legs bent.

While You’re Still Down There…

Do some toe touches. Here’s a video that shows you how it’s done and how easy it is to do more than 50 when you’re talking to listening to music. This part of the workout feels graceful and you don’t start to really feel it until the very end.


Don’t Want to Get Up Yet?

Do some upper ab pulses. Who knew such a small exercise could leave you so out of breath! 3×20 reps is more than enough to make sure you feel it the next day. You don’t even have to do these on the floor. If you have a sturdy enough mattress, you can do them in bed.

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Sitting Ab Twists.

If you’re on your bed, a perfect lazy workout would be sitting ab twists and sitting leg raises to target your core. Sit up straight with your legs in front of you, slightly bent. With your hands together so that all your fingers are lined up, place them by your side and keep them straight as you lift them up, straight over your head and to the other side. Do 3×30 reps.


Seated Leg Raises.

Still sat on the bed, place your hands a little behind you so you can put some of your weight on them. Lift your leg up until it bends and slowly lower it. Do this for 2×10 reps per side.

Even though this is a lazy workout, combined with not eating too much unhealthy food and drinking plenty of water, following through with it for 2 weeks or longer will yield some pretty nice results. Plus if you decide to add to it or customise it, it will no longer be a lazy workout!

Would you try our lazy workout routine? What small ways do you like to workout at home?

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