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The Ultimate Guide To Writing Your Personal Bucket List

The Ultimate Guide To Writing Your Personal Bucket List

Sticking to the things you always want to do is not easy, becuase there isn't enough time! Writing a bucket list can make you accountable for those things!

How many times have you thought to yourself “Oh I really want to do this!” and then just pushed it aside, didn’t get to it or just forgot about it? Its most likely to be more that you would want to admit. Creating a bucket list is making yourself accountable of all the things you always say you want to do but never put the effort to pursue them. You don’t want to think of the ‘what ifs’ so why not start today. Here is the ultimate guide on writing your personal bucket list.

How to create a list

There is no better time to create a bucket list than the present, so just get started: get a pen and paper, sit down comfortably and start writing. However, we suggest not writing it down all in one sitting, because you will end up writing a bunch of really generic things and mostly will be stuff that is travel related and takes a lot of time to accomplish. So, write down what comes to mind immediately and then move to something else. Your personal bucket list will get created over a longer amount of time in a fluid way, even once you have written the list you can still add more to it as you go along. No one says that once you are done you are done, more experiences will come to mind, more things that you really want to try will be added with time to your list.

Create different sections of your bucket list

Don’t just have travel related goals, that is only one section of your list. You can have a foods or cuisines you want to try section, a things you want to travel in section, etc. You could also have a career section, a relationship goals section, a hobby section, etc. This will make you feel a lot more accomplished as you won’t feel like you are only completing one segment of your life, you are doing things on a broader spectrum.


Mix really easy things to the really difficult ones

You don’t want to just have to climb a mountain, become a CEO and fly to thirty different countries on your list. These take time, effort and money and you will not see results for a long time. So, what you want to do is have things on your list that you can get accomplished in a random day or even afternoon. Whether it’s getting a tattoo, eating a new type of cuisine, reading a book you have always wanted to read, etc. are all simple things you can add to your personal bucket list. At the same time, you should add medium goals, like skydiving, flying a plane, etc. and more difficult and longer goals like moving houses, seeing the world and getting married, etc.

The point of this is that this way you can make continuous progress, you don’t want a list of things that are not accomplishable anytime soon. Starting out, you could give yourself the goal of ticking one off every month.

Mix broad things to specific ones

Whether you want to fly to New York or run a 5k marathon you should mix these very specific things with broader ones like write a book (that can be any kind of book) or be on the news (again it could be for pretty much anything). This makes your personal bucket list a bit more mysterious and unpredictable. So, have some specific goals and have some broad goals to keep the adventurous aspect of your list going.

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Review your list every couple of months

You can’t accomplish anything if you don’t look at it. If you leave it somewhere where with time you are bound to forget about it completely than its probably not the best place for it. Reviewing your personal bucket list, also, gives you the opportunity to cancel things that you are actually not that interested in and bring new goals you can get excited over. Everything on your list should be meaningful for you, not just random things you think should be on the list but don’t really intend on completing.

Set dates to your goals

When do you actually want to accomplish these things? By setting dates you actually have something to work towards rather then just having a bunch of things on a forever long list that you are not quite sure when to begin. A cool idea you could think of is to write mini lists like “Things to do this summer” or “Things to do by this year” and add some of the things you had in your personal bucket list. This way you know by when you intended to do those goals and you can get stuff ticked off more easily.


So, here you have it. Everything you need to know when creating a bucket list. Comment down below with what the first thing you would add to your list would be!

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